A new study reveals the most and least popular unicorn brands
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A new study reveals the most and least popular unicorn brands

Unicorn companies are defined as private startup companies that are valued at over $1 billion dollars. These companies are so rare that there are currently only 450 companies worldwide. There are many unicorn companies that are familiar to consumers and others that are not. To try and provide some insight into which unicorn companies are the most well known and the least well known, McGuffin Creative Group surveyed 4,000 American consumers to see just how well known the list of Unicorn companies are.  Part of the impetus behind the survey was to see if the value of a unicorn company had any influence on its brand awareness by American consumers.

The 25 best-known unicorns

Looking at the list of the 25 best-known unicorns you will notice many popular brands. Startups like Reddit, Airbnb, Buzzfeed, Credit Karma, and DoorDash are all above the 70% mark when it comes to overall consumer awareness levels. Popular startups like Instacart, JUUL Labs, Vox Media, and Epic games are a bit less recognizable. In the top 25 best-known companies list there are an interesting mix of gaming companies, real estate companies and food/food delivery companies when it comes to the different industries most well represented on the list. It shows that it’s more than just tech companies that are being valued at over $1 billion dollars.

Value vs. awareness

The analysis of the most popular unicorn brands by McGuffin Creative Group also looked at how brand valuation related to consumer awareness for each brand on the list. As you might expect, the higher a company is valued, the higher levels of consumer awareness it tends to have. There are however a few exceptions, but by and large, this held throughout most of the companies on the list. JUUL Labs is the one major exception to this list that had an incredibly high private valuation, however, it was known by relatively few consumers.

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The 25 least-known companies

While the best-known unicorns are certainly an interesting storyline, it’s is almost even more interesting to see the companies that are valued over $1 billion but have a very small consumer awareness level.

Listed below is the full list of the 25 least-known unicorn companies as well as their corresponding consumer awareness level:

  1. Starry (1.45%)
  2. Zuma Pizza (1.85%)
  3. Devoted Health (2.0%)
  4. Butterfly Network (2.54%)
  5. Magic Leap (2.94%)
  6. Pat McGrath Labs (3.44%)
  7. Clover Health (3.74%)
  8. STX Entertainment (3.84%)
  9. Sonder (4.33%)
  10. TangoMe (4.54%)
  11. Vacasa (4.63%)
  12. Pax Labs (4.99%)
  13. OpenDoor Labs (4.99%)
  14. Away (5.19%)
  15. Sweetgreen (5.54%)
  16. com (5.67%)
  17. Asana (5.89%)
  18. TechStyle Fashion Group (5.94%)
  19. Bird Rides (5.99%)
  20. Scopely (6.07%)
  21. Root Insurance (6.29%)
  22. Allbirds (6.49%)
  23. Zocdog (6.84%)
  24. Machine Zone (7.53%)
  25. StockX (8.01%)

How many companies on the above list did you recognize? In most cases, most people are generally unfamiliar with a majority of the startup companies on the least-known list.

The full report on the most and least popular unicorn startups can be seen here.

A new study reveals the most and least popular unicorn brands

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