A Guide to the Different Types of Hashtags

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Hashtags are one of the most crucial parts of any social media marketing strategy. The current era of digital advertising and eCommerce has taken online business promotion to a new level. It is one of the most trending strategies on almost all media channels for promoting your product. Marketers prefer the use of popular hashtags for their brands.

With the rise of Twitter trending hashtags and Instagram hashtags, you can specify into different types.

Different Types of Trending Hashtags

Here is a list of the numerous types of hashtags online advertisers use for attracting more people and generating traffic. These are an easy way to create a community of like-minded peers and attract them towards one platform.

Business Hashtags

One of the best ways to use popular hashtags is by making them your brand identity. Many leading brands consider using them to highlight their brand name. People place ‘#’ before their company name and publish posts accordingly.

Marketers can prefer using #BuisnessName to analyze the number of product users and create brand awareness.

Campaign Hashtags

These are temporary but trending hashtags for promoting a cause or campaign. These often include the business name or tagline along with the motive. Using this type of hashtag is to promote a cause or give a message to everyone.

You often find these hashtags like #HelpBuildAGreenPlanet or #StaySafe for communicating with people through a single hashtag.

Event Hashtags

Occasional hashtags are the one that often occurs every year and trend in several versions. Sometimes marketers promote their products or offers through these and take part in a grand celebration. The #BlackFriday2020 hashtag will most likely follow with #BlackFriday, #BusinessNameBlackFriday2020 or #BusinessNameBlackFriday.

Retailers always find a way to acknowledge the number of people interested in a particular product or not using this type of hashtag. You can find these hashtags during every annual event.

Location Hashtags

These are the travel lover’s hashtags on social media. Almost every other person prefers this type of hashtag. #EiffelTower and #Paris are hashtags you can find on account of a travel blogger and a travel accessory brand page.

Tourists also use such types of hashtags for finding travel coupon codes deals for family trips and vacations.

Hobbies Hashtags

These are also a type of popular hashtags among travelers. However, you can find these trending among every individual. Marketers can utilize them as per their niche and promote their products successfully. The #travel, #tourism, #diving, and #dancing are some trending hashtags.

You can find such hashtags on beauty brand pages too. A lot of influencers on Instagram use #makeup and #glam with their posts.

Popular Hashtags

Aside from marketing and advertising, some popular hashtags are an everyday routine on leading social media channels. Every social media user prefers using them while publishing a post or sharing a picture. Also, people use them for promoting an entertainment-related topic or an iconic song.

Among the most trending hashtags, you can always find #MotivationMonday, #ThrowbackThursday, #TBT, #GamesofThrones, and some more.

Disaster Hashtags

The emergency and disaster hashtags like #COVID19 #CoronaVirusOutbreak #Tsunami, and similar ones are an important part of the digital media. While they are used for awareness, people use them for sharing information.

These are news hashtags that media channels often use to share news worldwide quickly.

Final Thoughts

You can always look to trending hashtags for social media marketing. Today’s digital era supports the use of hashtags, most likely on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Therefore, keep the use of hashtags in your daily routine and stay connected with the fast-moving world!

A Guide to the Different Types of Hashtags

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