A Guide to Having Effective Social Media Strategies on Amazon
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A Guide to Having Effective Social Media Strategies on Amazon

People nowadays post everything, from the food they eat to the shoes they wear. And if you’re a new Amazon seller, you might think you can post your products or your Amazon store link and call it a day since everyone’s on social media, right? 

Not exactly. 

Social media predates the Internet age. Some even argue that it was created with the invention of the Morse code. It simplifies communication and mostly uses abbreviations, much as we do now on social media platforms. 

But the birth of modern social media didn’t happen until the early 2000s, when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram first launched. Now, almost two decades later, social media is more than just a communication tool. Marketers use it as of late for video and visual advertising. 

As an Amazon seller, you must get on with the trend. However, as a seller, you can’t just post your products on your social media and be done with it. If you want to reach more people and generate more sales, you have to do more than that, hence this guide to having effective social media strategies for Amazon. 

Know Yourself 

Okay, so you have created your Amazon seller account and listed the goods you’re selling. What’s next? 

The online marketplace is a shark tank full of other fish, and you are starting small. Thus, you have to protect your brand on Amazon and start letting people see you. 

Aside from Amazon PPC management, you can do this by going on social media and marketing yourself to millions of people on different platforms. In fact, it can be a part of your Amazon PPC plan. 

But the first thing you have to do is set your goals for your social media accounts. And to do this successfully, you need to inspect yourself first. We’re not talking about finding who you are. We’re talking about how wide you think your market is based on your own social network. 

When you reach a life milestone or do something important, posting about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is almost a given. However, you might have already done that by posting about your store on Amazon. If so, see how many people reacted and commented on your post. That might be your potential market. 

The next thing to do is find out what you want to get out most from social media. The next two sections are some of the things you can target.

Improve Brand Awareness

Improve Brand Awareness

Putting your brand out on social media is the digital equivalent of an advertising poster. It’s a sure way of boosting your business

But establishing a footing on social media is another important task. First, you need to decide on the tone you want your customers to see. Also, make sure that the tone you use matches the kind of products you sell.

For example, if you are selling beauty products, make your tone approachable and friendly. On the other hand, if you are selling shoes, your posts should sound active or formal, depending on the kind of shoes you have. 

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

You need to launch a campaign on social media because you want to convert clicks, views actively, and likes to profit. Now, you might think that creating your own social media campaign is too much work for you. However, it doesn’t need to be grand. 

You can start your campaign small and see how people respond to it. Some tips for driving sales for your store through your campaign include responding to inquiries about it as soon as you can and being as friendly as possible. 

You can start your campaign by having promotions. Everyone loves a good sales promotion. It’s proven effective marketing. So think about how much you can reduce your product prices and create your promotional content after. 


These three tips are just some of the things you can do on your own to build a social media presence for your business on Amazon. You can use many more strategies, and some might be trickier than others to master. But if you need help in growing your online presence, you can always contact professionals to help you every step of the way.

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Jayce is the managing director of Seller Interactive, the number one Amazon advertising agency based in Canada that helps brands build their business on Amazon. His content marketing expertise has led him to work with brands such as Toyota and GoDaddy, producing content that has reached over 20M views in a month.

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