9 Ways Your Online Store Can Offer Better Customer Support

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9 Ways Your Online Store Can Offer Better Customer Support (Without Taking Up Extra Time)

Every firm must provide excellent customer service to maintain customer loyalty. However, since online stores lack the personal touch of traditional stores, excellent customer support is even more critical.

You must be prepared to provide the best customer service for your organization to prosper. Here are a few ways for your online store to offer better customer support without wasting time.

9 Ways Your Online Store Can Offer Better Customer Support (Without Taking Up Extra Time)

1. Get Customer Feedback

The best way to understand your customers’ thoughts about your brand, products, and services is to ask them. 

Improve the customer service experience using the input you receive from your consumers. For example, to entice them into giving thoughtful, valuable feedback, you can offer them discount vouchers or coupons for their next purchase, giving them another reason to return!

This being said, your employees should also be trained to respond to any negative reviews properly.

2. Make Your Site User-Friendly

The usability of your eCommerce site dramatically impacts how well you handle customer care. Likewise, website architecture impacts user experience, and you must invest in it to boost conversion rates and maintain your current clientele.

Ecommerce websites need a specific SEO plan. Customers will be less likely to abandon their shopping carts as a result. In addition, you’ll have fewer interactions with them when they have problems utilizing your website.

3. Use a Shared Phone Number So Multiple Staff Members Can Answer Calls

Did you know that you can share one phone number among multiple mobile devices, team members, and staff members? This way, even if your entire customer service department is out of the office, another staff member from a different department can entertain the call from their department’s phone. A shared phone number works just like a shared email inbox. 

It lets multiple people send messages or make calls with the same phone number. Here are a few tips for sharing phone numbers with multiple staff members:

    • Get a virtual phone number and forward calls to various numbers
    • Forward your incoming calls to other members of the team
    • Set up your business phone system with extensions and an auto-attendant

4. Consider Free Shipping

According to Stitch Labs’ research, businesses that provide free shipping generate 10% more revenue than those that don’t. Free shipping is a marketing strategy that persuades customers to buy. It improves the customer service experience. Free delivery has a consistently positive impact on customer purchasing behavior.

They will likely spend extra on items with free shipping. It also gives the impression that you care about their needs.

5. Offer Enough Information

Giving your consumers enough information is critical in providing excellent customer service.

This includes details about your return policy, warranties, guarantees, and everything else that can impact how well you interact with customers.

Even though there will always be unhappy customers, giving the necessary information upfront absolves you of any liability resulting from improper use of your service.

6. Create an Active Social Media Community

Invest in creating a vibrant online community. This increases customer engagement with your content and generates conversation about your brand. Being active on social media allows you to portray what your brand stands for and demonstrates your ability to interact with customers. In addition, the public can immediately see how well customers are being treated.

Social media breaks down the conventional communication barriers between brands and their customers. It is opening up a more practical connection channel.

More customers can contact you with questions and valuable feedback when you have a lively social media community.

7. Understand Customer Preferences

76% of customers want businesses to recognize and respond to their needs and expectations. Get a detailed profile of your audience using consumer data. Learn about their preferred interaction platforms and how they prefer to spend their time. Let those findings inform how you plan to provide customer service.

8. Offer Seamless, Omnichannel Customer Experience

Whenever a consumer contacts you with a problem, could you not make them repeat themselves? Ensure the information is accessible to all your customer service teams, including sales, marketing, commerce, and customer care.

You don’t want to fall into a situation where customer service is unaware of the customer’s previous transactions or interactions with other departments. That can create more problems than it fixes.

9. Anticipate Service Needs

Use transaction and product data to foresee demands and offer proactive (or even preventative) service. For example, you can send customized reminders about contract renewals or scheduled maintenance. You could also provide suggestions for post-purchase product or service enhancements.

If you run an online store, delivering excellent customer support is the key to success. Even though your business may be online, you must put in the effort to give it a personal touch. First, understand your customer’s needs and develop ways to meet them. Then, take advantage of the above tips and increase your profits.

9 Ways Your Online Store Can Offer Better Customer Support (Without Taking Up Extra Time)

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