9 Tips to Help Your Small Business Succeed in 2020
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9 Tips to Help Your Small Business Succeed in 2020

Small businesses make up almost half of the U.S. workforce. From tech startups to one-man consulting firms, small businesses are as varied and unique as the women and men that start them. However, out of every ten small businesses that are launched, two of them will fail after one year and more than six will fail after ten years. To avoid small business failure, it is imperative that entrepreneurs keep their finger on the pulse of the small business environment.  

For example, remote working is a growing trend across all industries and up to 90% of employees say that they would enjoy having the flexibility to work from home. If you already employ a team of employees or are considering adding a partner or two in 2020, keep this trend in mind to ensure that you are creating a workplace that fosters a work-life balance.

ZenBusiness created an interactive resource with over 50+ small business statistics and trends to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions and avoid mistakes in 2020. The data addresses gig economy statistics, remote working data, success and failure rates, and more from government records, authoritative publications, and surveys. If you are an entrepreneur, use this summary infographic with key takeaways from the resources to make choices for your company that will ensure success this year.

Ways to make your small business succeed.

Products and Services to Run and Grow Your Business

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9 Tips to Help Your Small Business Succeed in 2020

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