9 Strategies to Generate Customer Reviews for Shopify

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9 Strategies to Generate Customer Reviews for Shopify

When a customer visits your Shopify store, it doesn’t take long for them to form an opinion about your brand. After only one look at the product pages or the site’s UI, customers have practically made up their minds.

They are, however, still a few steps away from completing a purchase. Social proof in the form of customer evaluations and recommendations might offer them that extra nudge to act in your favor at this point of uncertainty.

This is the method used by these Shopify e-stores that understand the value of reviews! So here you go for the best 9 Strategies to Generate Customer Reviews for Shopify Stores.

Why are reviews so important for the Shopify platform?

Stated, customers believe reviews. As a result, reviews are excellent for increasing conversion rates. According to a poll done by Search Engine Land, 88 percent of buyers buy from eCommerce sites with mostly good evaluations.

The review’s author makes a difference as well. Shoppers gave more weight to reviews made by a confirmed buyer, power buyer, or as a consequence of a free sample or giveaway than other reviews.

1. Manage product reviews using product review tools

There are various product review tools available to assist you in keeping track of your reviews. In addition, you’ll be able to locate a platform that works for you regardless of which eCommerce platform you employ.

2. Showcase your customer reviews on your Shopify product page

Have you seen the reviews on the product page? This is useful for several reasons.

There’s a lot of social proof. Other shoppers can see that this product is popular. Unique material is beneficial to SEO and ranks.

Shoppers can leave reviews, ask questions, and rate how useful or unhelpful other reviews are.

If the reviews are particularly positive or entertaining, post them on social media or otherwise draw attention to them. Also, make sure you acknowledge the consumer.

3. Send purchase follow-up review requests through WhatsApp.

Post-purchase review requests have about an 80% response rate, making them the best way to get reviews.

To get the best response, try to send your review request within a week of the purchase to take advantage of those good feelings that shopping releases? Also, according to research done by reviewbit, you’re likely to get your best response on weekends, so keep that in mind.

4. Increase Customer Reviews with Incentives

Coupons, discounts, and other incentives are excellent motivators for customers to submit reviews. Furthermore, incentives have the added benefit of driving repeat purchases.

Loyalty programs are a terrific method to keep track of your incentives and distribute them. For example, you can incorporate points for reviewing and posting reviews on social media if you have a loyalty program in place.

5. Make it easy to submit a review

The easier it is for customers to submit a review on your items, the more likely it is that you will receive reviews. To submit a review, people will not search for their product in a database four levels deep on your site. Therefore, it should be a simple task. Otherwise, the customers won’t stick to your store to leave a review.

This can be done using an app like the “WhatsApp collection app” by reviewbit. Also, see more social proof apps for review management.

6. Make customer reviews count

Individuals appreciate receiving something in exchange for giving something, as I’ve just started. One of the things that people get from an online sales platform in exchange for their ratings is suggestions. Your reviews are used by the online sales platform to show you other items that you might like in the future.

7. Make a social media post

You may also gain more reviews by using social media. For example, include a link to a product’s review form in a post and request feedback from your followers.

Alternatively, you might showcase your newly designed reviews on social media to entice your followers to write their own!

8. Negative feedback should be taken seriously.

You may believe that the best way to deal with poor reviews is to ignore them, but this is not the case. For unfavorable ratings, here’s a proper procedure to follow:

  • Make an apology
  • Tell the upset consumer how to get in touch with you.
  • Describe how you intend to rectify the situation.

If everything has been resolved and satisfied, ask the consumer to leave a new review. You may have won a lifelong customer from a previously negative review provided you handled things sensitively and adequately.

9. Include a call to action button.

You can develop and incorporate a call-to-action with a QR code if you already include paper invoices or other marketing materials in your shipments. Then, using WPForms, make a mobile review form to collect feedback. Then, when a customer scans the QR code with their phone, they are directed to a form where they may leave a review.

Final thoughts

Nothing makes an eCommerce business happier than having people return to their store to shop. While having repeat customers is fantastic, Shopify businesses should research the variables that increase customer engagement, how customers utilize their products, and what they think of the brand.

This can assist them in enhancing their products and services and their client service.

Use the tips in this article to generate more revenue and valuable reviews for your online store.

Best of luck!

Author bio:

Safeeda. M.S, the content marketer of reviewbit. Also engaged in other digital marketing activities like SEO, SMO, etc. In addition, Reviewbit helps eCommerce merchants to offer post-purchase customer engagements using social messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

9 Strategies to Generate Customer Reviews for Shopify