9 Secrets To Grow Your TikTok Account Fast in 2022

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9 Secrets To Grow Your TikTok Account Fast in 2022

People have become overnight stars on TikTok as it is immensely popular and addictive. TikTok has become a household name on social media platforms, and even big giants like Instagram and Facebook have started to copy some of TikTok’s quirks and features. However, to grow smoothly on TikTok, you have to Get TikTok Followers.

What makes the platform so popular that it has over a billion active users? For starters, it is insanely addictive as you have a variety of short videos that you can view on it. The application interface and user experience are second to none as well.

In this rat race to get famous on TikTok, you will need to implement some hacks that we will share with you today. These tips and tricks will make your videos exciting to your audience, and once that happens, your account skyrockets with popularity.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

  1. Post Every Day

Unlike other platforms where posting a lot might not work in your favor, the story is the opposite on TikTok. On TikTok, you should post around 5-8 times a day as any of your videos might become viral overnight.

Sometimes you can be creative and post a fun challenge going on the platform. Other times you can be yourself and share a personal experience about yourself.

Posting unique things is also something that the platform picks up pretty well, so be on the hunt for uniqueness.

  1. Have An EyeCatching Profile Picture

Your profile picture should not be a bland one. Make sure that you have your best picture as your TikTok profile picture to catch the attention of people.

Remember, the more eyes that catch people’s attention, the more are your chances of being famous on the platform. So, the first thing you need to do after opening your TikTok account the next time is to upload a catchy profile picture.

  1. Make Short Videos

The content consumption of TikTok is a lot because there are thousands of videos being uploaded every single minute.

People love to scroll fastly on the platform, and only the appealing short videos are the ones that catch their attention. So ensure that you are not overdoing your videos and that they are short and fun.

  1. Doing Viral Challenges Is A Must

One thing which you cannot miss doing on TikTok is their fun and interesting viral challenges. People love your viral challenges most of the time, and they are hooked on your content.

In addition, these viral challenges are fun to do, and you will have a blast if you have a couple of buddies with whom you plan to shoot these challenges.

  1. Livestream Sessions With Your Audience

Livestreaming with your audience is a great way to make them feel good and closer to you. When you interact with your fans, you build a community on TikTok.

Your notification will be shown on their account when you go live, and they will be with you through the stream. It is a perfect way to celebrate a major milestone like reaching 10k followers on the platform by live streaming with your fans.

  1. Keep An Eye On The “For You” Section

The For You section on TikTok has all the running trends in a single place. In addition, it is the place where the trending videos by popular creators can be seen easily.

We recommend you keep an eye on this section of the platform, and you should at least check it twice a day.

  1. Be Creative And Come Up With Your Challenge

Gaining followers on TikTok through viral challenges is one thing and creating your challenge is simply something else. However, it is the perfect recipe to gain more followers on the platform.

When you hunt to create that perfect fun challenge, you might face difficulties initially, as it is only natural to be a little shaky.

However, your ability to create new and exciting challenges will improve over time, as one of these challenges will surely be a great hit.

  1. Add CTA To Your Videos

Suppose you are having difficulty getting TikTok followers through your videos. You should try adding a catchy call to action/CTA to your video.

This is a great way to connect with your audience and show them that you are interested in knowing what they have to say about your content.

  1. Hire A Social Media Agency

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I boost my TikTok account?

We have explained in detail how you can effectively become a star on TikTok in a short period. However, to sum things up, you will have to create TikTok videos that are eyecatching. In addition, you should also do fun challenges which are popular on the platform. Lastly, interacting with your followers is also going to boost your account.

How can I improve my TikTok?

You can improve your Tik Tok videos by implementing the following tips and tricks to them;

  1. Using hashtags is a must if you want to be in the spotlight on TikTok
  2. Try a Duet as it is much more fun.
  3. Keep your TikTok videos short.
  4. Use trending sounds in your videos.


This is it from us today! We have shared the quirky tips and tricks that you can apply to have a better chance of growing on the TikTok platform.

9 Secrets To Grow Your TikTok Account Fast in 2022