9 Rules for Running a Successful App Development Team

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9 Rules for Running a Successful App Development Team

The world is digital with digital demands, and the market is ever-growing in such need of the hour. To manage such humongous projects, tech companies must define app development team rules. It’s very difficult to manage the workload with your development team. If you are a tech company or a manager at a tech company, you know what we are talking about. Surprisingly, It isn’t the workload that tech companies struggle to get globally. It is the skill to manage that.

A good leader or company understands the needs of clients and employees. However, even the most competent ones falter when things go south. Keeping the workflow smooth is the ask of all tech companies, especially the ones dealing with complex mobile app and website development projects. Therefore, a transparent approach is needed on the management front; to keep your clients satisfied and your employees happy.

9 Rules for Running a Successful App Development Team

This article will address a few issues management often faces when dealing with their app development team. So bear with us as we are about to dive deep into the nine rules for running a successful app development team. Let’s start with the first one.


Clear communication is perhaps the most important thing to focus on when managing a team. Unsurprisingly, most problems arise from a lack of proper communication by the client or a supervising lea. Therefore, clear communication is key, and you should keep this skill to your chest as a manager.

Understand the needs of the client as well as your employees. Try to communicate if problems need to be addressed or if an employee has a question regarding the project. Try to lessen the authoritative tone since most issues arise due to the fear of employees getting retaliation from the bosses. Don’t be a boss but a leader who leads from the front. When you keep your communication proper, you will have fruitful results, improving the team’s productivity.

Keep It Professional

Keeping it professional is another rule you will need to manage your app development team successfully. Automation is necessary when dealing with a tremendous workload. Keep your employees updated on the project deadlines. Today, there are numerous project management tools that you can opt for in your company. These project management tools will keep everything aligned while keeping your business to the point and professional.

If you fail to keep things by the book, you may risk low productivity, hindering your client’s satisfaction and your company’s success. As a tech company in today’s competitive market, it is something you can’t afford. Being professional and by the book is mutually beneficial for your company and the employees working in your organization.

Incentivize Programs

We live in the 21st century, where employee retention is another problem companies deal with. You want to keep your employees happy as a tech company or start-up. Fostering a productive environment where employees learn and are happy to contribute to your company’s success is crucial. When you keep your employees pleased, they tend to outperform, improving customer satisfaction and sales.

When companies hire a developer for business, they look for the best work in less price. To keep your employees motivated, introduce incentive programs. Incentive programs have proven to improve productivity and let employees know their work is appreciated and meaningful. All employees want is to learn in an environment where they are appreciated and feel like they are making a difference.


After the coronavirus pandemic, companies were introduced to the remote work model. This came as a surprise as it was never done before. Now, after the situation is much dispersed, companies understand the benefit of the remote model and are continuing to champion the model despite no authoritative order.

Companies saved a lot in utilities and other expenses in the coronavirus-hit pandemic. But, at the same time, employees enjoyed the freedom they got. When you give the freedom to employees, they tend to perform better professionally, eventually helping your company grow. In addition, this flexibility will allow you to manage the app development team better and increase project deliveries by tenfold.

Defined Roles

When running an app development team, it is better to have defined roles assigned to each team member. Typically, an app development team has front-end developers, back-end developers, project manager(s), UI/UX designers, iOS developers, Android developers, and Quality Assurance engineers.

Each team member must know what they are expected to do since the problem arises when companies delegate a number of responsibilities to a single member. As a tech company, you should avoid that at all costs. Not only is it unfair to the employee, but you will not get the quality work you need. Managing and accountability are easy when there are defined roles in an app development team.

Supply Chain Model

This expands on the previous rule of defining clear team member roles. It would be best to adopt a supply chain model when dealing with an app development team. For those of you who have no idea about the supply chain model, allow me to explain it to you. The supply chain model is an automated channel approach that addresses a project’s needs from start to finish.

In the development case, getting the brief from the client to understand it, developing it, testing mobile app performance vitals, to delivering it. This is the supply chain model, and each process has a different department. This will help create a smooth workflow, assisting you in managing your app development team proficiently.

Team Building Exercises

As they say, “teamwork is the dream work.” Since you are managing an app development “team,” you must perform as a team. Adopt team-building exercises to improve your team’s productivity. There are many ways to go about this route, and they all start with the intent to do better. If you are a leader managing a team of app developers, there are numerous team-building exercises for you to do.

You can host brainstorming sessions with your team. Gathering your team and discussing ideas and solutions is a good way to do that. Make your team realize that you all are a team, and their opinions and thoughts have importance. Instill critical thinking among your team members, and encourage sharing their professional take on projects. This will help you create a successful app development team.

Be Attentive

As a leader and manager of an app development team, you must listen more than speak. This is particularly true for all managerial roles. When managing a team, you must listen to your team members’ needs and wants. You want to make them feel heard, not the other way around.

To foster such an environment is tricky. Maybe it is something you are not comfortable doing or looking to find ways to do. A good way to foster personal relationships with your team members in such an environment is to establish a leader in your team member’s life and professional goals. Befriend them, and you’ll have a loyal worker on your hands.

Stay Transparent

Lastly, it would be best if you kept your business transparent. Vagueness doesn’t cut it in today’s time, whether it’s about project details or the goals and vision of your company. In addition, being transparent about your business will allow your team members to understand your position and provide the extra effort if needed.

Since it is the app development “team,” your transparency will translate immensely in your team members. They will own the work as their own, boosting overall morale and revenue. A successful app development team is only created on the pretext of transparency, and transparency will allow you to manage your team efficiently.

9 Rules for Running a Successful App Development Team