9 Reasons Why Users Leave your eCommerce Website

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As a business owner, your eCommerce website might look great for you, but you always need to consider the customer’s point of view in the eCommerce industry. In making your website more attractive and bringing more visitors, you should avoid certain elements that may annoy the customers, affecting the business with an apparent decline in buyers and sales. Choosing the right eCommerce website development company will leave no stone unturned, giving your customers the best online shopping experience.

This section analyzes essential points that will affect the user experience and engagement of e-commerce websites. First, avoid these common website problems that may cause the users to leave your eCommerce site.

1. Poor graphic design:

The graphic design of the site is the first thing your visitors will pay attention to. A website with an attractive web design brings more visitors, and the likelihood of conversion is high in this case. On the other hand, if a website possesses a poor graphic design, it will create a wrong impression on the visitors. According to a recent case study, customers do not purchase the product from a site where they feel impressive and look good. Users certainly do not trust poorly designed websites. Therefore, it is essential to give more attention to the aesthetic appearance and features of the site.

2. Poor customer service:

Poor customer service is the second main concern that annoys a considerable percent of consumers. The business’s contact information should be readily available on the site, so visitors don’t have to go through many steps to discover it. According to eCommerce experts, 25 percent of shopping cart abandonment is due to poor customer service, where customers want to ask inquiries regarding checking out but could not.

3. Filter option Not Present:

If the filter option is not present, the process of buying goods will be difficult and complex for your customers. People hesitate to browse through various product grids to discover their desired products. Thus, every e-commerce site must have layered and filtered navigation, which will make it much easier for users to find out what they are looking for.

4. Search option missing:

If the search option is missing, your business is at risk and experimenting with the buyers’ patience. In this case, the buyers may find it very difficult to search for their product. They have to click on your site’s product hierarchy to find out their product. Instead, please treat them with a search option and save their time in finding products they need.

5. Force login to place an order:

This is something that the users hate the most. Thus, do not force consumers to log in or also register to order. According to a research report, 20 percent of shopping cart abandonment is due to compulsory account registration.

6. Poor quality images:

Another thing that disturbs your valued customer is the cheap and substandard images of your products. Therefore, E-commerce websites should always employ high-quality images of products that appeal to the customers and give a fair illustration of the product.

7. No return policy:

Some e-commerce websites may not have a return policy for their consumers, which can annoy valuable customers. However, after making the order and the product has reached your customers, it’s a customer-friendly approach to have a return policy to get their cash back or exchange the product.

8. Load time is slow:

Slower websites will miss orders at a faster rate. Poor website performance will affect your business badly. Dissatisfied users will dive into other sites for similar products or services. As per the researchers, they will end up buying products from your competitors in the future.

9. Complex checkout process:

For e-commerce websites, customers must get a hassle-free and straightforward check-in process to quickly purchase and pay for the products they like to buy. So, make sure your eCommerce site doesn’t have a complex check-out option as it may be awkward for your customers, and they may leave your online shopping site.

With these reasons in mind, you can be sure that your e-commerce website is perfectly designed and developed to provide a greater user experience. If you plan to build an online shopping site for your business, better associate with a reliable web development company experienced in their field and ensure quality results within the specified time frame.

9 Reasons Why Users Leave your eCommerce Website

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