9 Issues That Can Hurt Your eCommerce Business

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If you feel that only smaller businesses like yours face order fulfillment issues, you need to know that even large companies struggle with order management. Errors in the order can occur during different order processing stages, including warehousing, packaging, shipping, and delivery. All of these aspects include complications and stresses. To run your business smoothly and successfully, you need a solution to deal with the following order-related issues. Feature-packed, powerful po management software and other technologies can quickly help to deal with these issues. 

Incorrectly Filled Order 

Hearing your customers receiving wrong orders can be the biggest nightmare for your business. The only way to avoid this problem is to take and file the order correctly. However, when your delivery team is processing a good number of orders, making mistakes is inevitable. You can avoid this problem with purchase order software. This software allows you to manage your warehouse and track orders. 

Poor Customer Service 

When your customers receive a missing part, damaged product, or the order arrived late, your customers first of all search for your customer support numbers, email, and other contact details. They want an immediate solution. You cannot address customers’ concerns with your inefficient and slow customer service system. You do not only lose customers but also receive negative reviews. Negative reviews hurt both your sales and reputation. You need to invest in a quality customer support system and quality customer service representatives. 

Poor Workforce Management 

Every business owner has a grand vision and aspirations. However, this is not possible without the right workforce. You cannot carry out your desires when you don’t have a qualified and talented team to grow your e-commerce business. It takes time to recruit the best people. However, it would be best to have the right tools and skills to manage your workforce.

Not Using The Right Technology 

Businesses of all sizes require an efficient order fulfillment service. You need to invest in the best purchase order software for order management. No one appreciates inaccurate and delayed deliveries. So, make the best use of available technologies. Purchase order software fills and processes orders automatically. It keeps track of the order in the supply chain. Tracking allows you to forecast the timing of the delivery. Automation is a huge benefit. 

International Shipping 

If you are shipping across the borders, orders are often delivered in a week to several months. Though international customers are aware that your delivery is taking too long, your competitors are there to get the deal. So, it would help if you offered a range of shipping options. They can pay a bit more to get the items shipped sooner. 

Not Using Tracking Codes 

Customers also want to keep track of their orders. However, they cannot track when you do not share the correct tracking codes. You will also receive more calls from customers. So, share this code and notify them when their order is packed, dispatched from the warehouse, reach a specific city and arrive at the destination.

Inventory Management 

Inventory is one of the neglected areas. To run the business effectively and keep your customers happy, you need to deliver fast. This is not possible without efficient inventory management. You not only lose sales opportunities but also lose customers when you run out of products. Use an inventory management system to monitor items that are in demand. You can also keep your customers aware of the inventory count.    

Communication With the Supplier 

It is essential to establish excellent communication with your suppliers. Make use of the proper technology to have rapid communication. This technology streamlines your processes. You can track the movement of your supplies. 

Time-Consuming Pick-and-Packing  

You cannot pick and pack the products at the right time if you don’t use an inventory tracking system. This system creates an order-picking system to streamline the process. 

9 Issues That Can Hurt Your eCommerce Business

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