9 Great eCommerce Packaging Ideas to Delight Your Customers!

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9 Great eCommerce Packaging Ideas to Delight Your Customers!

Have you ever thought of opening your very own store, but you do not have the budget? Do you have the budget but do not know where to place the physical store? Then, why try opening an online store? With the situation going on worldwide, eCommerce has become a massive platform for every business-minded person.

Research has been found that by 2022 the retail market through online businesses will reach $5.424 trillion expectedly. With this expectancy for the future, you would want to give the best to attract your customers. One of the best methods is using good packaging, especially if you are selling liquors and spirits. Your spirits packaging should be able to show the best of the bottle you are selling.

Create an Eye-catching Colour Scheme

One of the best parts of a package is its color. Create a color scheme that not only catches customers’ attention. You also have to match it with the item that you are selling. A spirit packaging can also show some characteristics of the product. It can add to the customers’ curiosity that they might want to buy the item.

Try Selling Refills

Another method is by selling refills. Each item has its selling points. One example of this method is when you buy a bottle of water, your lighters, even soap dispensers, and many more. You only have to adapt to every situation.

The same can be said with your packaging. Consider flexible packaging for different customers. For example, some customers want their items to receive in cute packaging. Another packaging that customers want is the one that can be used in carrying items.

Use Reversible Packaging

Another idea for your packaging is to create reversible packaging like eco-bags if you are already tired of seeing reversible bags for your items. Having a creative mind can also help you make unique packaging that can attract more customers. In addition, it can show off your designing skills.

Custom Tape

Another option for good packaging is having your very own custom tape. If you are a person who likes to keep things simple, this is one of the best options. You can put your very own logo or your business name on your custom-made tape. You can use this to tape your boxes or smaller packaging. Beyond that, it can also show your business name or logo to the customers.

Stylish Internal Design

Another idea for your packaging as a simple person is writing quotes, encouraging words, or something that can give positive energy to your customers. Every one of your customers will read it once they open their package. You never know if one of them might need a simple encouragement to push forward or a simple quote can make everything bearable for them to continue living. Each word written might encourage or even save a life.

Use Sustainable Design

As a business owner, you don’t always need to have pretty packaging. But, you also have to make sure that they are eco-friendly. With this thinking, you can have sustainable packaging that customers can use multiple times. It can also show off your designing skills and creativity for how you’ll create pretty and sustainable packaging.

Creative Filler Materials

Aside from the other simple design mentioned above, you can also put interesting fillers inside your packaging. So you can surprise your customers when they open their packages. You can put little things like a simple card with encouraging words or a nice splash of perfume used in your packages. Just make sure it is not too strong. It will add attraction to your customers.

Unique Package Ties

Usually, packages are taped for secure delivery. But you can also be creative. There are a lot of shops that give their packaging a little twist on their packages. For example, some stores use ribbons to design the packaging.

It improves the design and adds color to the packaging. Other business owners use twine rope as ribbons for their package. It is usually used for arts and creating crafts. It gives a different vibe from the usual ribbons that are being used on the packaging.

Use Embossed Metallic Stickers

If you are looking for a simple but elegant design for your package, you can try having your very own embossed metallic stickers. It gives a simple design by just showing your business logo and name on the sticker. Also, it provides an elegant vibe because of its metallic character. It might even remind you of attending high-class parties.

It can also give your plain package a mysterious vibe. Finally, it brings excitement to your clients to open the box.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, you want to provide your best products. To attract customers, not only do you need excellent products, but good packaging as well. It serves as a first attraction, and the item is a major surprise. Everyone loves surprises.

Since you have online stores, this can also attract buyers’ eyes since many people love to look at pretty things. If you have good packaging, even if the item is a simple book, the customer’s eyes will keep looking back and looking at your product. You can base your trademark packaging on which one has the higher appreciation from your customers. With your creativity, everything is possible.

In this time and generation, a lot of business owners have succeeded because of the fast technology. It helps to minimize expenses but still has remarkable benefits. With your packaging that starts a beautiful first impression, customers will be happy in acquiring your products. You can do several mixes and matches to find the packaging for your business that will help and accompany you to your success.

9 Great eCommerce Packaging Ideas to Delight Your Customers!

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