9 Brands & Their Kickass Social Media Strategy

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9 Brands & Their Kickass Social Media Strategy

From food, condoms, cabs to beauty product manufacturers and major airlines, social media advertising has proven to be the most dynamic platform for promoting brands and establishing a broad customer base.

Stating the apparent, visual content is the fastest pacing source for client engagement. Being aware of the latest marketing trends and not implementing them in your business may kick you out of the race. Some famous brands foresaw it pretty sooner than the others and planned their strategies to create a breakthrough in the advertising industry.

Let’s learn from the nine of them and develop a winning social media combination.

  • Netflix: I Am All about Entertainment

Netflix is all about entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment. It’s trending, and everyone socially active knows what crazy TV stuff it offers to its viewers. Said to be the ‘largest video rental store globally,’ it can be summed up in watch what you want.

What made the brand rank on the scale of being number one is that they know their target audience. They understand what a viewer wants, “No cables and No commitments,” just endless amusement and power to turn it off whenever they want. And this is exactly what Netflix’s social media strategy speaks about.

  • Nike – Do It Right

The name is no surprise. It is one of the world’s biggest brands and has a huge following on social media. However, the compelling tagline ‘Just Do It Right’ is the first major attraction for magnetizing viewers.

Their ads and campaigns are influential and go viral from the moment they are shared. Apart from the heaps of commercials produced, Nike’s inspiring Instagram account catches the eye. Check out its latest ‘Unlimited You’ ad, and you will know what makes it popular among people.

  • Durex – because Precaution Is Better!

Durex is known for its advertisements, fun and playful! If you look at its Facebook page, you’ll know it posts funny and informative facts that engage the customers. The brand is also open to experiments, which quickly catches the attention. Remember the Eggplant flavor launch? It was trolled and shared within seconds, which gives a takeaway that any strange but thought-of idea will go viral and may bring you an incredible response.

  • Coca-Cola – Official Soft Drink of Summer

Coca-Cola intrigues viewers’ interest by creating influential videos and ads using the latest happenings. For instance, in one of their video named Remove labels this Ramadan, they invited a group of different people to a completely dark room for Ramadan Iftar and captured the experience. The invitees conversed and answered questions, and when the lights were switched on, it was a great surprise. “Tags are for cans, not for people.” It garnered more than 18 million YouTube views, earned millions in advertising, and became the second most viral ad worldwide in 2015.

  • Airbnb – Your Comfort, Our Priority

Airbnb uses Instagram primarily for establishing and maintaining a client base. Apart from travel food, Instagram is a natural channel for Airbnb. Its team frequently posts photos and videos on Facebook of their unique listings, attracting travelers worldwide to visit different places.

  • Dove – Beautiful You

Dove has made women its target audience. Whatever strategy they apply to promote the brand, the focus remains the women. The brand constantly produces content that makes women feel valued and beautiful. Also, the brand has launched various campaigns like #nolikesneeded and #speakbeautiful, which adds a personal touch to the creative approach.

  • Domino’s – You’ll Be Full Soon.

Domino’s pizzas’ tweet-to-eat campaign is a new social media strategy to order a pizza without switching media like desktop, mobile, Apple Watch, etc. Instead, customers can order pizza via twitter from whatever media form they are using. It isn’t that fast but has a huge advantage like if you use any other means of interacting with Domino’s, it’s private. Using Twitter, the purchase will be public and will shout out for the chain, encouraging all of that person’s followers to do the same. Smart right?

  • Amazon – Everything You Need

With a hit of 26+ million likes on its Facebook page, this online site ranks in one of the favorite e-commerce site lists. Wanna know How? It attracts customers with quick responses, immediate feedback, and exciting coupon offers. In addition, customers with Twitter accounts can easily shop responding to product tweets with the hashtag #AmazonCart.

  • Starbucks – Known for Great Coffee

With 37+ million Facebook likes, 6+ million Twitter followers, and 2.98 million Instagram fans, Starbucks has outreached its competitors and constantly nailed it. There is no qualm Starbucks is taking over social media, but how do they do it? The marketing team keeps a check on customers’ responses and encourages dissatisfied customers to revert to the company for follow-ups using a Twitter-specific email address. Besides this, it always publishes content that encourages its fans to like, comment, and share.

Has your brain started churning? Are some marketing studies or strategies popping in your mind already? Pin them down and start working. You can also adapt any of the above social media strategies or customize the methods based on the needs of your target audience. Find the right mix for your company, and don’t forget to try out early and often.

Writer’s Bio – Ms. Sahiba Sadana is a professional Content Editor and an avid literature reader. She is the Content Editor at Sharda University and a regular contributor to Business Town and Munfarid Consulting. In addition, the editor is well-known for her Content Marketing skills.

9 Brands & Their Kickass Social Media Strategy