8 Tips to Grow Your Audience on Instagram for Aspiring Influencers

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How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram for Aspiring Influencers


Followers on Instagram are not just a number; they are a component of your digital community. And this holds especially when you are an aspiring influencer aiming to promote your label, product, brand, or work.

Getting more popular on Instagram could bring more website visitors, assist you in generating more revenues, or even make you an influencer who sets trends.

We’ll show you eight approaches to having more followers on Instagram that don’t involve phishing accounts or bots.

Eight powerful strategies to acquire more Instagram followers in 2022

If you need to gain more followers on Instagram this year, below are eight proven ways to do it:

Ensure your profile showcases a value proposition

The best way to turn profile viewers into followers is to provide a meticulously-planned Instagram feed that demonstrates your niche.

It would be best to have them know what it’s all about whenever anyone visits your page. So, with the help of a visual planner, put together the Instagram grid before posting to give your brand consistency.

Think about how all your posts appear together to see how they make people feel when they visit your account for the very first time.

Additionally, it would be best to have a unique selling proposition to turn people who visit your account into followers. This could be styling pointers, motivational quotes, or information about your culture.

This doesn’t imply that all of the information should be the same. Instead, you should focus on 3 to 5 content cornerstones connected to your market segment. 

You could include variety in your content planning without watering down your fundamental principles.

Use Instagram’s Reels

8 Tips to Grow Your Audience on Instagram for Aspiring Influencers


If you aren’t already posting Instagram Reels, you might be losing a number of great chances to get more followers.

Reels, short videos that loop, are still among the best methods to reach fresh people on Instagram.

In fact, as per this guide on ‘How to build a following on Instagram,’ more than 100 million photos and videos are shared daily on Instagram. And approximately 500 million users post Instagram Reels each day. 

In your Reels feed, subscribers see interesting content from the accounts they follow and those they don’t. This is different from much of Instagram.

The Reels you make can quickly reach people who aren’t on your roster of followers. This helps you get more attention and gain more followers.

The better outcomes come when you:

  • Use key phrases and hashtags which aptly depict what your videos are about in the Reels captions.
  • Use the latest sounds.
  • Keep your clips short and interesting to get people to watch them again.
  • Generate unique content.
  • Add text to the screen for people who don’t have sound.
  • Try to get good clips instead of posting content via TikTok watermarks.

Although your company or business may not seem like a perfect choice for Reels, you can still do well with it.

Try out the latest trends, begin taking your subscribers behind the scenes, or show them how your product looked before, in-between, and after.

Again, subscribers can co-author feed posts plus Reels with the Insta Collabs functionality, giving them a new way of reaching new audiences.

So, you can share likes, views, plus comments and use each other’s community members to your advantage.

But for that to operate, you ought to ensure that the content is compatible in both accounts — whether it is an informative video clip that focuses on your specialty.

Create search-friendly content and subtitles

One of the best ways to get more people to follow you on Instagram is to make your posts easy to find through search.

In a recent version, English-speaking people in 6 nations can now use keywords to search on Instagram.

Instagram analyses multiple factors, such as the “sort of content, descriptions, posting time, and others to generate relevant results.

Machine learning is also used to determine the best information relevant to people. So, for now, there will only be grid posts.

You can start writing all your captions in one full power hour and afterward place them to go live when it is the perfect time to post.

Content is king – even on social media!

Creating content that people will enjoy is an effective way to encourage new people naturally.

Formats like motivational quotes, insightful carousel messages, and memes that are popular right now have been tried and proven, and it just takes a single viral article to reach hundreds of people.

Memes, in specific, are very good at spreading quickly, mainly when they use anything famous at the time. They are often witty or entertaining, and they usually have both words and pictures. 

To make an effective meme, you should seek a balance between visual effects that are popular at the moment, the way your target demographic feels, and the market segment of your company.

The more people in your community love your memes, the more probable they would be shared much further.

How to make content accessibility easier?

When accessing your content, note that a huge chunk of the global populace is hard of hearing, and several people have trouble seeing.

Here are four easy things you can do right now and make your Instagram profile more open and accessible:

  • First, you can add captions or messages over videos.
  • Second, write the alternative texts for your posts by hand.
  • Third, talk about what you see during videos and stories.
  • Each term in an Instagram hashtag should be capitalized. This helps screen-readers do a good job of reading them out loud.

Instagram recently added auto-generated subtitles in 16 languages for stories, making it much easier to make your posts more accessible.

Spend money on a hashtag and UGC plan

Hashtags on Instagram are among the best ways to boost your account, and they should not be ignored.

The reach rate goes up a significant percentage as the hashtag number rises. 

Again, getting your group to start sharing user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to spread the word about your label and get more people to follow you on Instagram.

And it’s very easy to share UGC. Followers could utilize the hashtag you’ve made for your brand and tag your company.

What happens? When someone sees an image made by a user, it’s easy for them to find the account.

However, you ought to get permission from the owner who made it, even if s/he tagged this with a hashtag for UGC that you use.

Hold giveaway events and challenges.

Another of the best ways to get more users to notice you on Instagram quickly is to hold a giveaway.

With the correct approach, you could reach many different new followers — making your brand feel more like a community.

Ensure that you establish clear entry criteria that facilitate your growth objectives, like tagging someone in comments, communicating via Instagram Stories, and following your profile.

When you organize the Instagram giveaway in collaboration with a creator or label whose audience is similar to yours, this can be incredibly helpful.

People have always liked Instagram challenges, and now they’re showing up more often on Instagram Reels.

Creating a proper Instagram challenge can put your profile in the spotlight and reach tens or hundreds of thousands of people who might want to follow you.

For maximum performance, ensure that involvement is as seamless as possible. Generate relevant hashtags to connect the challenge to your label and consider what users will love partaking in.

Partner with companies and influencers.

It’s a big win for social influencers and labels to work together. You would be positioned to take advantage of your brand’s association and reach a new group of people who might want to join you.

The best thing? Collaborations don’t need to cost a lot of money. Some of the best ones are convenient and good for both sides.

In the same way, you don’t need to work with big thought leaders to create a difference. Most of the time, Nano plus Micro-influencers possess a higher involvement rate than Macro-influencers. The former charges less for sponsored content.

Nevertheless, you may have to collaborate with some more Nano and Micro-influencers to achieve a similar audience base compared to Macro influencers. Hence, the correct approach will rely on your brand’s bandwidth and finances.

Use different platforms like TikTok to advertise your Instagram profile

Use different platforms like TikTok to advertise your Instagram profile


If you want to get more people to follow you on Instagram, cross-promotion on other sites is a fine place to begin. 

TikTok is one of the best places to promote your Instagram profile in other places.

Among the initial things you could do on TikTok to get more traffic from Instagram is link your Instagram profile to your TikTok handle.

Now you can make some TikTok videos that get people clicking through to the Instagram account.

If TikTok was not a component of your marketing plan, you could send users to your Instagram through your homepage, email bulletins, podcast, or other social sites.

Focus on post frequency and your bio’s SEO

Consistency is the key to getting more followers on Instagram. 

One of the most important things to know is that accounts, which post more, have far more followers.

You should invariably put quality ahead of quantity when making a content strategy.

Also, add keywords to the name field of your bio. Did you know that people can search for the words you put in the name section of the Instagram bio?

For instance, if your brand focuses on personalized artwork, you might include critical phrases like “Craft” or “Original art” in the name segment.

Consider your niche, the industry you’re a part of, who you’re trying to reach, and what products you’re selling. Then, type that phrase in the Instagram search function and see what comes up when you’re unsure.


Expanding your Instagram profile may seem like an enormous challenge, but you can certainly gain more Instagram followers if you use the proper strategies and techniques.

You need to post creative content, target the right people, and take advantage of Instagram’s innovative features and trends.

8 Tips to Grow Your Audience on Instagram for Aspiring Influencers