8 Reasons Why Images Are Essential In Marketing

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8 Reasons Why Images Are Essential In Marketing

Use images in all your marketing campaigns, regardless of the product or service you are selling. Images help convey your brand‘s values and reputation to potential clients immediately.

Throughout history, images have served as a means of conveying information. In everything from marketing and advertising to social media and blogs, images allow your brand to establish a brand identity and narrative that your customers are sure to recognize. If you select the right images, they will immediately attract viewer attention and promote engagement.

Most people are likely to recall less than 10% of the information they hear after three days. However, 65% of the information will likely be retained when paired with relevant images. Therefore, it is evident that images play an integral role in all forms of marketing. Here are a few reasons to incorporate the right images into your marketing strategy.

8 Reasons Why Images Are Essential In Marketing

Finding the Right Images for Your Business

Although time and budget can often prevent brands from investing in photography, we highly recommend them.

Getting product images right is essential from a branding standpoint. Depending on your budget, a photo stylist can assist you with defining your brand’s identity and making it stand out from the crowd with their visual guidance and ideas.

Using stock imagery is always an option if your budget is limited. You can use Dreamstime Stock Photos if you want high-quality images to narrate your brand’s story.

Now that we have established how to find the right images for branding, let’s jump onto the reasons for using them.

Enhances Connection and Engagement

It is human nature to crave connection with others at all times. This is also true for social media. The use of social media demonstrates the desire to maintain connections with people we have come into contact with. Ideally, prospective customers would like to see images of your products and your current satisfied customers using said products. Doing so will make them feel more connected to your company, products, and customers.

A sense of connection with someone or something increases a person’s likelihood of engaging with it. The key to success is engagement. People who feel connected to your business will likely buy/visit it regularly.

Inspires Emotion

We are more likely to be moved by images than any other form of content. As opposed to those evoked by reading a story, these emotions are more intense, and the association with this type of content is stronger.

Make sure that whatever image you select for your online content evokes emotion. For example, dramatic landscapes can be visually appealing, but dramatic landscapes in which a loving family resides can be emotionally impactful. An image should accurately reflect your message, but it should also complement your website’s overall aesthetics. Viewers will not be attracted to a picture that appears out of place.

Brand Recognition

It is a known fact that humans enjoy looking at images. This is because our brains naturally experience the world visually and always search for visual stimuli. In addition, our fascination with pictures stems from the fact that we dedicate much of our cognitive power, up to 50% of the brain’s capacity, to visual evaluation.

Our eyesight is so intuitive that we prefer to view images over text. In a sea of endless search results, content accompanied by images usually attracts the most attention. Content that lacks visual elements is most likely to be dismissed.

Visual Comprehension

Images are not just pleasant to look at for humans; they are also intuitively understandable. Our ability to analyze and comprehend an image so quickly is remarkable. We can understand a visual scene in a fraction of a second, much faster than any text we read.

Ensure appropriate visuals accompany all your content to help viewers understand what your brand is all about. Skyword reports that content with a picture receives up to 94% more hits than content without an image.

Search engines favor the presentation of content that contains images and prioritize results containing large images. You will reap the rewards of choosing your photos wisely since high-quality images positively influence viewers. An attractive picture can compensate for weak content and enhance the reader’s impression of the product.

Describes Customer Perspective

You can share success stories on your social media pages by encouraging customers to share images of them using your products or services. In addition, you can discover ways to improve your product or service by reviewing the images people post.

Perhaps you may find that customers enjoy a feature of the product or service your company offers that you have not yet highlighted in your marketing campaigns. For example, in the case of a customer who posts a photo of how they use your product in a new way, that indicates it is time to investigate the unique benefit for possible use in your marketing efforts.


Images are easy to comprehend and can evoke emotional responses. Recalling visual content after a long time is easier than any other type.

You may not be aware that using an appealing, appropriately paired picture not only helps consumers remember your content but may also provide an additional benefit that may surprise you. Over time, maintaining the memory of an image will enable users to search for similar content again in the future based on the picture’s memory.

Increases Brand’s Credibility

It is imperative to use images to establish credibility with prospects and customers. When potential buyers can view the features of a product you are offering, they feel more assured that you will deliver on your promises.

Furthermore, when used in your marketing strategies, good-quality images that illustrate your business values, product, or service will assist you in building a more credible and recognizable brand for your business.

The Bottom Line

Consumers today are highly experienced at judging photographs. Due to this, they have become proficient at assessing the quality of pictures.

The image you choose must be high quality, positive, and striking while complementing the content it features. It is essential, however, to consider what is contained in the picture as well.

In addition to representing your company, its values, and its mission statement, you should remember that images with humans attract a significantly higher number of views than those without images.

When a person is in the picture, it will increase viewership and clicks and increase perceived trustworthiness by consumers, mainly if the image is focused on the face.