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8 Reasons to Choose Magento for Your Online Shopping Store

With over 26% of e-commerce stores, Magento is an open-source platform widely used to design an appealing digital store. Over the years, Magento has shown significant improvements and have begun to recognize has a convenient and easy-to-use platform for operations. Brands like Fox Connect, Lenovo, Nestle, Nike, etc., are using Magento since its inception to sell their products in the online market. Many advanced functionalities and robust features make Magento an ideal solution to creating an online shopping store. Besides, Magento customization services can do wonders for an online business. Let us have a look at what makes Magento a better option among others for a digital store.

8 Reasons to Choose Magento for Your Online Shopping Store

1) Open-Source

Magento is available in two editions: Community and Enterprise. Being an open-source platform give Magento humongous advantages over other platforms as users can add various valuable to their websites. Let us start counting at the number of advantages a website owner can get when choosing Magento.

  1. a) Security: With a huge community of developers and testers, Magento garners the attention from enough eyeballs to find any flaws that may exist on its platform. Frameworks that are closed from public view have the faintest clue about the number of bugs it contains. Magento’s open-source edition is covered by most of the community developers who fix any bugs or flaws immediately so a user gets a secured platform.
  1. b) Customizability: The benefit paramount to the development of an online store is customization. If a platform offers services that can be tailored and tweaked as per the requirement of the digital store, Magento customization services can make the most out of it by applying customization techniques to suit their needs. It is simply a matter of tailoring Magento to add the functionality desired by a website owner.
  1. c) Flexibility: When you are using proprietary software, you have to keep upgrading it regularly to avoid vulnerabilities comprised in the previous versions. On the other hand, open source software like Magento is quite less resource-intensive, which means you can update it as and when you think it is time to upgrade.
  1. d) Support Options: When you build a website using the framework of an open-source software, you are introduced to the communities that run it, which are available all the time to help with any functionality, feature, or concern. Magento has an online community with brilliant forums, forges, documentation, newsgroup, etc., to offer the users of its platform a complete support solution all the time. The support is more responsive as it is where the communities’ revenue is focused.
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2) SEO-Optimized

Magento is a complete search engine friendly e-commerce platform that makes it easier for bots to index your website. Besides, there are plenty of SEO features offered to the users to configure on their website for a better search engine ranking. From header settings to product tags, URLs to Images, and page speed to sitemaps, everything can be manually optimized to make your e-commerce store appear in top ranking.

3) Responsive Website

With Magento, you will get a website that can work on multiple devices used by your potential customers without regards to the screen size and other features. You don’t have to specifically hire Magento developers to make your website mobile responsive. The default Magento customization feature helps you run your website on tablets and laptops too.

4) Single Back-End With Multiple Storefronts

A single admin-panel, which allows you to run multiple shopping stores hassle-free and effectively is what makes Magento an exception among others e-commerce platform. You can add thousands of products and catalogs on all of your stores, and run all of them using an inclusive control panel. In addition, it enhances the omnichannel experience of customers when your website is loaded fast and the checkout process is even faster.

5) Integrated Payment Options

With hundreds of payment options emerging, it becomes important for website owners, especially digital store owners to provide a payment gateway that can accept multiple payment options. Magento makes it possible for store owners to offer multiple payment options to facilitate a truly global shopping experience to their customers. With integration options like E-bay, Paypal, Quickbooks, and other usual payment methods like credit/debit card, etc., Magento is a true leader that gives customers an opportunity to transact using any method.

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6) Multilingual & Multi-currencies

Operating on the internet means a business should incorporate different currencies and languages for customers all around the world. Using the native language is a perfect way to target your end-users so they get a native look and feel of your e-shop. An e-commerce store should offer more personalized experience to its customers so they get a true omnichannel perspective of online shopping. Magento allows anyone who uses its platform to create a truly global store with more than 10 languages and 20 currencies. With every Magento theme, a store owner can easily integrate a storefront that is multilingual and allows customers to switch between their desired languages.

7) A large Number of Themes & Extensions

Magento offers ample of themes and extensions to its users so they can create a create a store as per their industrial products. Irrespective of what you are selling or offering, Magento themes can be tailored and customized as preferred by your end-users. Along with the themes, various plugins features by Magento can add to the look and feel of your e-store. These plugins can be used not only to enhance the customer shopping experience but also can be used to optimize your store for search engines and better functionalities. With these modules, a website owner can give a better shape to the online business while bettering the make-up for indexing.

8) Multi-Layer Navigation

Layered navigation filtering, when done right, can make it easier for users to search products easily and quickly, thus improving the overall shopping experience on a digital store. The advanced multi-layered navigation for Magento extension allows its platform users to offer their customers a better way to search the products using the product attributes for the product category, color, price range, brand, etc. Using this module, customers can filter multiple attributes while filtering the value of the attribute. The effectiveness provided by multi-layer navigation of Magento allows customers to search their products according to their respective categories, thus making the whole shopping process simpler and effortless.

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Choosing an e-commerce platform for your online business is a difficult task that requires proper contemplation of all the players available in the market. Apparently, these 8 reasons suffice for what makes Magento a truly global platform for your e-commerce website. Many giants have moved towards Magento because of its rich customizable features, security and most importantly, simplicity. If you are also starting out as an e-commerce player in the market, Magento is an ideal solution to get started. If you have any related suggestions or questions, feel free to comment in the section below so we can answer and address them to assist you further.

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8 Reasons to Choose Magento for Your Online Shopping Store

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