8 Product Ideas to Sell in the Car Niche

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8 Product Ideas to Sell in the Car Niche

Do you have a deep passion for cars? And do you want to turn that love for automobiles into a budding business? Then, it could be the best time to start a business, from a car accessories retail outlet to a car illustration company.

Unlike several years back, people are now more comfortable buying stuff they need over the internet. That means there’s a massively growing market for online retailers and marketers. All you need is a shop and find the best products to fill your store inventory. 

Now, if you don’t know which car-related products to start selling online, here are a few great recommendations. 

8 Best Product Ideas to Sell in the Car Niche

Finding great, winning products in the car niche, or any niche for that matter, is no easy feat. But by the end of this, you’ll have plenty of product ideas to start selling online or otherwise.  

Here’s the list:

1. Car Care Kits

Petrolheads are always wanting to make their vehicles look nice and new. And most of them take car cleaning and maintenance more personally instead of paying for a car wash. By this point, one of the necessities of every car owner includes car cleaning essentials. After all, you can’t have a car and not take care of it. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • Car cleaners/shampoos
    • Tire cleaners
    • Car cleaning supplies
    • Car scratch spray
    • Car repair kits
    • Car cleaning glue

2. Car Seat Cushions and Supports

Besides essential car maintenance and cleaning, car owners are also looking for ways and items to upgrade their vehicles. One of the easy fixes they can do is buy new seat covers to give their car interior a new look. Not to mention, that includes buying supports to make driving more comfortable. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • Leather seat covers
    • Fabric seat covers
    • Sweatproof covers
    • Pet car seat covers
    • Car seat cushions
    • Lumbar and neck support for cars

3. Car Emergency Tools

If you’re thinking of profitable product ideas to sell in the car niche, taking the challenges car owners faces into consideration is a good start as any.

Getting on the road can be unpredictable at times, making emergency kits and tools a must-have for every car owner’s arsenal. Car emergency items are essential for safety, especially when driving in harsh conditions. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • First aid kits
    • Portable tire inflator
    • Car emergency escape tool
    • Rechargeable flashlight
    • Car repair toolkit
    • Road flares/warning lights
    • Roadside kits: jumper cables, compass, ice scraper, tire gauge, etc.

4. Car Air Fresheners and Purifiers

No car owner wants to drive a car that smells like a day-old burrito. Instead, they want to enjoy every bit of the time spent driving on their cars, from the glossy paint to the scented interior. Sometimes, the car can create some nasty odors, and air fresheners and purifiers can make those odors undetectable. The car air freshener market is massive, and there’s always a space for you there. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • Hanging car air fresheners
    • Vent car air fresheners
    • Can air car fresheners
    • Portable air purifiers for cars

5. Car Shades and Covers

Car owners understand what it takes to keep the beautiful bodies of their vehicles in the best condition possible. Therefore, they would do everything to retain the beauty of their most prized possessions, especially from harsh weather conditions. 

That’s why car shades and car covers are a must-have. They are usually made of high-grade tarp that can protect vehicles from rainfall, extreme sunlight, storm, snow, and harmful UV rays that can damage the car’s exterior. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • Magnetic car sunshades
    • Car covers/custom car covers
    • Car UV protection shades/covers
    • Spare tire covers

6. Car Mats and Carpets

Another product idea that could be profitable in the car niche is car mats and carpets. Every car owner cares for their cars. And floor mats are crucial to keeping the interior clean and unsoiled. 

They are in huge demand, mainly because they tend to be cheap, and many car owners change their floor mats and carpets pretty often. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • Carpet floor mats
    • All-weather floor mats/all-terrain floor mats
    • Car liners/floor liners

7. Car Anti-Theft Devices

Safeguarding vehicles from theft is a serious matter. That’s why car owners park their cars inside closed garages instead of the open driveway. And another way to ensure the safety of their vehicles are car anti-theft tools and devices. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • GPS trackers
    • Hidden kill switch
    • Brake locks
    • Car wheel clamps
    • Steering wheel locks
    • Smart keys
    • Remote locks

8. Print-on-Demand Car Merchandise

A POD business model is profitable, which could also be highly sellable in the car niche. It brings essential car parts and accessories into something one of a kind, and the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, it’s an ideal option for first-time entrepreneurs since the profit margins are lower. 

Example of Products to Sell: 

    • Car decals
    • Custom car seat covers
    • Car ornaments
    • Tailgate wraps
    • Spare tire covers
    • Custom car sunshades
    • Custom floor mats

Wrapping Up

People love their cars, something a car lover like yourself would probably understand. So, if you want to start selling products in the car niche, consider car accessories, car maintenance items, and must-have car protection items. There’s a huge market for all these items that let car owners take care of their prized vehicles. 

8 Product Ideas to Sell in the Car Niche