8 Keys to Unlock the Power of POS
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8 Keys to Unlock the Power of POS

Mobile Point of Sale courtesy of NCR Counterpoint

With mobile POS software, run your business from the sales floor as you help customers find products and ring up sales right on the spot. Mobility also allows you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathering: events, sidewalk sales, and trade shows.

Meet your customers in every moment.

Run your business. Connect with customers. Sell anywhere. NCR Counterpoint is the specialty retail management system that integrates your front end and back office seamlessly, so it’s easy to grow your business.


A fully integrated platform will empower your employees to succeed. Our terminals provide your retail business with a reliable base, ensuring you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

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Mobile Point-of-Sale

Our mobile point of sale brings the shopping experience directly to your customers. Line bust or check inventory right from your fingertips.

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Email Marketing

Our integrated, closed-loop email marketing platform connects you with your customers and entices them to come back for more.

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Retail Management Solution & POS Software

Our suite of solutions is built for the specialty retailer: customization, feature-rich, and designed to last through many tours.

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Inventory Management

Keep your employees informed with our real-time inventory management software that enables the to receive, categorize, and manage inventory effectively.

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8 Keys to Unlock the Power of POS

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