8 Genius Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales

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8 Genius Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales

If you are starting a small business, an important factor for its success lies in how well you market it. Marketing attracts potential customers, and customers make a profit. But marketing is more than just making your business name known.

1. Facebook ads for local awareness

While you are finding out how the word should go around your company, it is essential to be specific about who you are marketing to. For example, you probably do not want to show ads for your clinic outside a 50-mile radius.

Local awareness ads are a great way to reach a local audience. You can now use the new map card to share locally relevant information about your dental business, such as an address, distance to the business, opening hours, and the “Get Directions” link. Your CTA (Call To Action) can even be a call button or a simple prompt to book an appointment with you.

2. Click to call Ads

The main goal of marketing or advertising is for patients, customers, or guests to contact your store, buy from you, visit your organization, or buy your services. Click-to-call ads are available through Facebook and Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) on mobile, desktop, and tablets. This extension can be added to existing ads, or you can create call campaigns. This is particularly important if you are in an industry where people prefer to call. For example, if people are going to book a massage appointment, or if someone wants to know if their local Rolex store is open for their next shopping trip.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting is often described as “easy money.” It helps you reach people who have visited your site or site by displaying specific ads to capture potential customers. You can use email addresses via Customer Match on Google Ads and Facebook if you collect them! Then, upload the email addresses to create a retargeting audience and an ad that can entice patients to revisit your clinic – perhaps a reminder of your products or services.

3. Keywords for emergencies

Sometimes, people are in a hurry. For example, they want next-day delivery, or they need to book a restaurant within a few hours. Therefore, if the first results in Google do not give a “Call” CTA, people tend to choose the other alternatives if they prefer to call.

Offering keywords such as “emergency” or “urgent” is an easy way to get customers with immediate needs and high intentions; Imagine the return on these keywords! But make sure that your exercise can take emergencies and provides an easy way to contact the clinic; otherwise, you may get a bad review on Google

4. Instagram

Today, millions around the world use Instagram. Celebrities advertise teeth whitening products on their Instagram account, show clothes, and other products.  Not using Instagram to market your company can lead to you losing more potential customers.

Instagram has also become a place to shop – create an Instagram for your clinic to showcase your unique products or services to potential customers via social media. If you update regularly, your clinic will inevitably gain followers and have your attention on you.

5. Referral bonuses

The Pride Institute reports that 93% of people trust recommendations from their friends. Encourage these recommendations! Referral bonuses can be used to retain current customers and expand your clinic. Express your gratitude and give a discount for each referral that buys from you! To make it easy, issue corporate business cards when patients check out and add them to the email you send.

6. Marketing materials

Be prepared with custom resources that you can share online and in person. It would be best always to have something with you that represents your company’s products and image that you can leave to a potential customer. The same concept applies in online forums; A digital presence is crucial to success.

    • Create or update your business cards so that it stands out in the crowd.
    • Consider developing a flyer or brochure if it helps spread the word in your industry.
    • Build a website, whether it is a simple website or a multifunctional online experience.
    • Be creative with promotional products and give them away at the next trade show or networking event you attend.
    • People save on things they can use, so create items like fridge magnets, pens, notebooks, stress balls, etc.
    • Use your unique competitive advantage for a unique design.

7. Network

If your business is primarily online, consider adding networking to your marketing tactics. Remember that business success is about relationships, and networks allow you to create the types of relationships that lead to sales, recommendations, and other important business growth.

8. Write a pitch.

A pitch is a short description of an idea, product, or company that explains the concept in a way so that all listeners can understand it in a short time.

To create a winning pitch, start with a hook as your introduction that can not be ignored, let your enthusiasm shine through, and have the data ready to back up your claims.

    • Sign up for a conference.
    • Introduce yourself to other local businesses or join a formal networking group.
    • Plan a local business workshop.
    • Join your local chamber of commerce.
    • Rent a stand at a trade fair.
    • Content marketing

Providing entertaining content can attract people to your website and your business, where you can then entice them to buy your products. But to surpass pure advertising, be sure to offer something useful and relevant to the reader or viewer.

    • Schedule a conference call or webinar.
    • Launch a Podcast.
    • Send a press release to local stores or communications services.
    • Reuse your content to share elsewhere. For example, share YouTube videos on Instagram or Facebook.
    • Rewrite and improve your sales material.
    • Publish a book.

8 Genius Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales