8 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for eCommerce in 2021

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In 2021, over 2.14 billion customers will be shopping for online goods. This leaves an impressive window for e-commerce businesses to grow, sell, and thrive.

Of course, these money-dropping customers won’t just ‘happen upon’ your website and decide to give you their trust, shopping cart, and credit card. Before they can even discover you, you need the key ingredient. That’s right, creative digital marketing.

So how can you make a splash in the e-commerce world and skyrocket your sales? Follow along to discover 8 of our favorite creative digital marketing ideas for e-commerce businesses just like yours.

1. Get Blogging

Perhaps one of the most effective methods of boosting your SEO is the old tried and true blogging method. With so many opportunities for keywords and backlinking, you can write your blogs for search intent and draw customers ready to buy.

Beyond this, blogging is a great way to give your brand a voice and provide more relatable material for your customers to fall in love with.

2. Utilize Video

Video is taking over as the most effective interaction tool online, so why not take advantage of this motion picture tool by integrating video across your site.

Create a how-to series or amp up your product listings with a sales-driven product video.

3. Place Your Pop-Ups

Have a high bounce rate? Then, keep customers shopping by installing strategic exit-intent pop-ups. These pop-up windows are designed to prevent customers from hitting that dreaded back button and disappearing forever.

Even if they don’t continue to shop at that very moment, capturing details such as an email for your email list is a valuable asset for your e-commerce business.

All you need to do is give them an offer they can’t refuse!

4. Invest in PPC

Pay-per-click advertising gets a bad wrap for its return on investment, but in reality, this form of advertising is one of the best ways to break through the algorithms while still building your presence.

Bite the bullet and invest in a few strategic ads with great copy and capture those conversion rates.

5. Influencer Marketing

Social media users look up to influencers like never before. In fact, a recommendation from an influencer holds as much weight for consumers as their family or friends.

Tap into this high level of trust by utilizing influencers to do your marketing for you. For example, develop an affiliate program or pay influencers in your niche a flat rate to feature, promote, or use your product online.

6. Host Giveaways

Shoppers love free stuff, so get on board with the giveaway train and start collecting those leads.

Drive traffic to your website, build your online presence, and capture emails for valuable digital marketing down the road.

7. Share User-Generated Content

Consumers love to see what customers just like them thought of your products. So play this up by placing user-generated content strategically across your platforms.

Feature reviews on your product page, ask customers to tag you in their social media photos and repost the best shots for free (and valuable) e-commerce marketing content.

8. Turn to the Pros

Creative digital marketing for e-commerce can be a tricky task. So when in doubt, turn to the pros for effective digital marketing ideas.

Source reputable e-commerce digital marketing services to take your marketing campaign from zero to hero and skyrocket your sales without fuss.

Creative Digital Marketing for E-Commerce

Now that you know these 8 creative digital marketing ideas, you can set forth confidence in your e-commerce campaign.

Want to know more about marketing for e-commerce? Visit our ‘tips’ section for everything you need and more!

8 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for eCommerce in 2021

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