7 Ways to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Business
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7 Ways to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Business

Podcasting for eCommerce: 7 Ways to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Business

If you have done your best to grow your business, think again. But unfortunately, you have yet to explore various avenues when scaling your online store up.

One of which is podcasting.

It may look unlikely, but you can use your podcast to help grow your e-commerce business. That’s because you can convert your listeners to your potential customers. Plus, you can use your podcast to build awareness around your online brand.

If you are still unsure how a podcast can help your e-commerce business, we suggest you keep reading.

7 Ways Podcasting Can Help Your E-commerce Business Grow

Think of a podcast as a serial radio show online. You get to listen to episodes regularly, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Hence, here’s how podcasting can help you grow your online business: 

1. Generate more website traffic

Podcasts allow boosting your reach, allowing you to acquire new audiences. It also helps build familiarity in a wide range of audiences. Your listeners would subscribe and regularly listen to you. People will likely keep on listening as long as the audio series is ongoing. 

Moreover, your subscribers might also recommend your podcasts to other people. This can improve your audience reach and lead generation tactic.

2. Improve conversion rate

Podcasts may be a one-way tool, but they can also greatly impact your conversions. This is because most of your podcast listeners are very much like you. 

Over time, this helps trust, enabling you to improve conversions in the long run. 

3. Acquire more sales

According to Midroll, 61% of people who listen to products within podcasts end up buying them. 

That’s because fostering relationships with your audience can make your brand their top choice. More so when they need what you’re offering. 

It’s easier to keep conversations and acquire more sales since you’ve gotten to the heart of what they care about. The best part? You don’t have to do a pushy sales call. 

4. Position yourself as an expert

Another reason you should try podcasting is to position yourself as an expert in your field. It’s also one of the most innovative ways to draw interest in your brand. 

So, if you’re passionate about a specific niche, knowing what your audience wants to hear will let them put their confidence in you. 

Staying updated with the latest trends or topics in your industry is also a great way to show your expertise to them. 

5. Drive awareness of your business

People are constantly looking for topics that interest them. Podcasting offers a medium for your business to develop a strong brand voice. 

With your content, you can easily showcase the character of your organization. This allows you to organically attract more people to your brand and improve your sales goals. 

6. Create a genuine relationship with your audience

Podcasting also allows you to create more effective relationships with your listeners. It gives listeners the feeling that they’re talking to the actual person on the podcast. 

People tend to listen to podcasts because they feel they have something in common with the speaker or the brand they represent. 

Over time, this helps build trust and encourages listeners to be associated with the brand. This can also lead to improved conversions since people are likelier to buy from a person they trust than a stranger. 

7. Keep your listeners engaged

The Internet is filled with a lot of written content. Audio gives them a break from this monotony. 

Audio content provides the speaker enough room to convey their message interactively. But, this is something that written content may not essentially offer. Hence, keeping their listeners engaged.

4 Bonus Tips for a Successful Podcast Strategy

Now that you know how podcasting can help you grow your e-commerce business, here are four bonus tips for hosting a successful podcast:

1. Build your podcast audience

Before releasing podcasts, make sure that people listen on the other end. 

Discuss the topics you want to discuss on social media platforms and mention them in your newsletter to boost awareness. Make sure you build anticipation so that people are interested in your show before it streams.

2. Write show notes

While we know podcasts are consumed audibly, do you know that written content is also as important? 

Writing show notes is one of the most critical aspects of the process. They’re a post or page of your site describing what exactly happened, providing guest bios and other relevant content. 

They help grow the show, and regular listeners can get more out of each episode. 

So, show notes on podcasts aren’t something that must be overlooked. 

While they might take a while to put together, you’ll be surprised by how much work you’re doing. 

3. Transcribe your podcast episodes

Another thing that you need to do is to transcribe your podcast episodes. It converts audio into readable text either onscreen or in a script format. While this process is often seen on TV or live broadcasts, the recorded audio can also be turned into easy-to-read texts. 

Transcripts are suitable for your SEO and allow you to gather leads if you put links on your show notes or just some excerpts of your show. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to transcribe your podcast episodes by yourself. However, plenty of services will transcribe the audio if you’re wondering how to choose transcription software

4. Leverage different social media platforms

Finally, don’t hesitate to promote and post links to your podcasts on social media platforms. Make sure that you share teasers or images containing quotes from previous episodes. 

Also, it’s best to announce the next podcast episode at least 24 hours ahead of time and pin the links to your podcast in your Facebook or Twitter posts. 

There is no doubt that podcasting can provide you with other ways to reach your target market. You can leverage this newfound avenue to increase your e-commerce sales.

7 Ways to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Business

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