7 Ways to Share Links on Instagram 
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7 Ways to Share Links on Instagram

Are you looking for ways to increase Instagram traffic to your website? Are you looking for a way to publish your links on Instagram in more places?

There are seven different ways to publish links on your Instagram profile and posts, which you’ll learn about in this article.

#1: Link add in your bio on Instagram.

Let’s begin with the most basic and straightforward method of adding a connection to Instagram. A clickable link can only be shared in the Instagram bio, including private personal accounts.

Consider this link to be your “home” page. While there are other ways to publish clickable links (which we’ll get to in a minute), they’re aimed at a specific audience. So anyone who chances to come across your profile will see the link in your bio.

The optimum method for this link is a subject of debate. Some companies provide a link to their mobile website. Others update their bio link regularly and guide people to their posts’ content.

However, there is a drawback to frequently changing the link. How do you keep track of your older posts? What if someone comes upon an intriguing post from six months ago and clicks on the link in your profile to learn more?

I advocate including more temporary links in your stories instead. You can store the stories as permanent highlights with clickable links to keep the content available.

You can also use a link service, especially if you don’t access story links. We’ll look at using a single, consistent bio link to share a range of information using link services in the next section.

#2: Promote Multiple Links Using a Link Service

Link services were widely employed by marketers when Instagram initially became popular, but their use waned. They’re back now, with additional design options and an improved user interface.

There are several formats to pick from. The traditional link service resembles Linktree in that it displays a list of clickable buttons to your followers. The Workspace uses Linktreefor Children to direct visitors to their most recent blog entries, activities, and Amazon store.

Select a style and color scheme that complements your Instagram feed and stories. Users will lose trust in your brand if they click on something that appears completely different.

For their Instagram posts and Linktree page, The Good Quote sticks to the same color scheme.

You can also go with a service that resembles the Instagram experience. Users are presented with an Instagram-style photo grid instead of text buttons, as shown in the sample below. The link service sends readers to the relevant page on your website when they tap the photo from the initial article that drew their interest. Video links, photo carousels, and even Shopify connections are available on some platforms, such as Later’s “Linkin. bio”

Just be aware that photo grids like this can be data killers. Check that the link service you’ve chosen works on various mobile devices and that all of the links are working. The experience should, in theory, be smooth.

#3: IAddshort links or directions to landing pages. in your Instagram captions

Although you can’t put clickable links in the captions of regular Instagram photo postings, it doesn’t imply captions aren’t useful. You can still utilize hashtags to draw users’ attention to your content, post excerpts from it, and broaden your reach with well-chosen hashtags.

These two tactics are recommended to get the most of your Instagram post descriptions for links.

Short Link to Share

Use a link-shortening tool like “Bitly” to make the link easier to copy or remember for users—bonus points if you tailor the link to match your brand and content. Because this method necessitates a little more effort from your followers. Save it for your most important information or links where you only want to convert a small, targeted group of people.

Write a set of crystal-clear instructions for live links.

Make it plain whether you’re using a link in your bio or stories. One strategy we do in our blogs is to provide directions to a live link and a shortened link that visitors can copy. For example, we linked users to our story in the message below. They could also copy the brief URL from the post caption to their browser.

#4: Create Links in Instagram Shoppable Posts and Stories

Another type of extremely targeted link is shoppable articles. Each shopping tag only refers to one product (and it has to be a physical product sold in one of a select group of countries). Shopping tags allow for the most precise conversion.

Create a product catalog on Facebook to begin using shopping tags. You may start adding shopping tags to your Instagram photos once you have a full selection of products uploaded, complete with purchasing links, photographs, and descriptions.

On your profile, you’ll also see a new Shopping tab. Next to the typical tabs for your profile grid, individual photographs, and tagged photos, you’ll see the Shopping option. This tab displays your whole product catalog when you click on it. Users can tap to shop items on the Shopping tab, shown in a conventional photo grid. They can use store products like regular posts or tap to shop right away.

Instagram Insights allows you to examine individual shopping posts’ engagement or compare shopping posts based on data like engagement, impressions, and saves. Individual product connections on Instagram Shopping, however, are not attributed. So, once again, you might want to try adding UTM tags to your product catalog’s URLs.

Some firms now provide in-app buying, allowing users to pay for items without ever leaving Instagram. Initial tests appear successful since the beta version is being given out to more brands.

I’m predicting that Instagram will eventually get rid of shopping tags in favor of in-app checkout. Why? Because staying in-app provides them more control over data and a possible profit share. Expect more changes in how buyers interact with your products on Instagram in the coming months.

#5: Pay to Promote Links in Instagram Posts and Stories

You may pay to promote posts and stories on Instagram using a business account. This helps you filter your audience and allows you to include clickable links in the captions of promoted posts. As long as you pay for your Instagram account, you can publish links in post captions. This can also help to increase Instagram followers. Of course, you can also pay to buy Instagram followers to grow your following.

Bam & Boo, a green toothbrush company, uses boosted posts to promote blog entries and goods.

The same regulations apply here as they do for any other ad. In addition, make sure your links are 100% relevant to the piece or story they appear in because if visitors click and then bounce, you’ve wasted your ad money.

Consider the type of conversion you want. Are you advertising a shoppable article, informing users about your company, or luring them with engaging content? Conversions necessitate a variety of designs. Find a happy medium between visually appealing content and a clear call to action.

#6: Add Links in Instagram Direct Messages

Many brands are underutilizing the Instagram DMs feature. Every day, you should check your mailbox for message requests, customer support questions, and news pieces about your company. React, share, and cultivate customer relationships.

You can start a conversation by replying to a user’s story or reaching out to offer assistance. For example, we make it a point to reach out to newcomers on our platform.

Direct messaging can also be used as a more active method. Instagram messages are more personal than other forms of communication since they are private. They’ll appreciate you treating them as people if you reach out to them in their DMs.

So, what type of messages are you capable of delivering? Take, for instance, a message to greet new followers. Of course, you won’t have time to compose a fresh reply every time someone joins your group, so start with simple responses.

Go to Settings and then Business to set up rapid replies. Please write a message and give it a keyword to quickly identify the response you need.

Active links can be shared in rapid responses and normal messages. In addition, you can start an automatic lead-nurturing campaign for every new follower and provide specific links in response to consumer requests.

By asking for specifics in their DMs, you may turn new followers into qualified leads.

#7: In your IGTV descriptions, provide links.

Instagram is still enamored with video content, as is the rest of the Facebook family. As a bonus, IGTV has more link capabilities than your feed video posts.

In the description of each IGTV video, you can include clickable links. However, users must press the arrow icon next to the post title to see the report. Because visitors must enlarge the description to see any links, make sure you mention the link in your IGTV video.

Unlike story links, IGTV links can be used by any account, regardless of whether it has 10,000 followers. However, it would be best if you considered the costs and benefits.

Will the effort of developing and producing original video content be worth the investment in IGTV links? If the expense of IGTV postings exceeds the money generated by those links, you should consider alternative link techniques.

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7 Ways to Share Links on Instagram 

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