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7 Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Store in 2019          

Promoting your e-commerce store and expanding it in the global market, being trusted by the customers by serving them well and then bringing in more sales, these are some major e-commerce goals that businesses wish to attain in 2019, just like every year.

It’s never easy to engage with your potential customers. You need to adapt and utilize various marketing and promotional activities to reach your audience. But this doesn’t indicate that it is rather an easier thing to do. Promotional activities if done aggressively can go all wrong. Many businesses make the similar mistake of irritating their buyers by over-reaching them through various channels.

To promote your e-commerce store you should implement marketing strategies to reach your audiences repeatedly over time and engage with them in a meaningful way. This encourages them to make the purchase. Promotion should be done to gain familiarity without overwhelming your buyers.

Go for a Magento 2 theme design website to keep you web store up-to-date. If you’re struggling to map out your way then these are 7 ways to help you with the promotion of your e-commerce store in 2019.

Seven ways to promote your eCommerce store

  1. Expand your reach and go global. Now even small retailers aim to go global because it offers real growth. Global e-commerce is a big prospect that can’t be ignored. But before expanding your reach you should be aware of the process of selling in different regions.

Legal approval is necessary and all the paperwork should be taken care of. So, it is advisable that you should know the laws and conditions of the country and operate under the right license and pay their taxes.

  1. Make Use of PPC advertising. PPC advertising can be successfully used for promotional purposes. In PPC an advertisement is created using the Google Adwords and these ads appear on the google search engines.
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The placement of your ad is based on an auction process. You bid on a keyword and based on the bidding amount and the ad’s quality score your ads are selected.

PPC model is utilized on social media platforms too.

  1. Attract more buyers by expanding to multichannel platforms. Selling through multichannel platforms will increase your sales more. Like, Amazon and eBay have a unique set of visitors and by placing your products on these channels it will help attract more buyers from these channels as well. These buyers otherwise might never have visited your website.
  1. Do email promotions and encourage the buyers to leave reviews. Email marketing if done strategically renders results. You can reach potential buyers through promotional emails. By offering them the right deals and discounts that are in accordance with their interests.

This can make them likely to engage with your deals. If used well email marketing is an easy way to reach your buyers with the promotions meant to encourage sales.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews about your products and services after they made the purchase on your site.

  1. Make it easy for your customer to speak to you and retarget your ads. This is a necessary requirement. Make it easier for your customers to reach to you whenever they have any query or doubt. One way to offer this is by communicating in their native language. This will provide localization on a deeper level.

Speaking to your customer in their native language will help you interact with them more profoundly. To do this you can set up customer service in multiple languages. The marketing and transactional emails can be sent in the respective languages of your target audience.

  1. Look for partnerships and collaborations and show off your unique products. You should look for collaborations and potential partnerships even with your competitors. Business collaborations are a good way of getting referrals for your business through them and giving them referrals.
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Collaborating with influencers also helps in reaching out to a wider audience and showcasing your products. With the use of multiple social media channels, influencer marketing can help increase your brands reach.

  1. Go beyond blogging. Apart from blogging which is good for your business, you must try more interactive ways of connecting with the customers and your audience. A broader content strategy is required. Interactive content, podcasts, and videos are more engaging.


These long-term goals can be achieved by investing in an e-commerce store design. You can look at it in this way that first you must take defined short steps and each short step taken in the right direction, making use of the marketing strategies, will help in reaching the desired goal. A clear goal setting imparts you to be more able to successfully design and forge your path in the direction towards it.

Every e-commerce store wants to make it big on the global platform. A sure shot way to achieve the desired outcome is by envisioning it clearly and setting bits n bits of achievable short-term goals that will ultimately lead to manifest their long-term goals. If you need to update your e-commerce site and re-design it, hire certified Magento developers.

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7 Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Store in 2019

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