7 Ways To Increase Real Followers On Youtube

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Are you a YouTuber? Are you tired of your low engagements and views? This article will show you how to get more views on your YouTube account.

You may have low views on your YouTube channel for various reasons. Most times, people have inactive followers who are not committed to their content. A number of them could have subscribed to your YouTube channel unknowingly and hence do not have their settings to get notification of your new videos.

There are several ways to increase subscribers on YouTube, but you want to be sure you have real and active followers. What use is a follower who doesn’t view your videos?

We have listed seven ways to grow your YouTube account by increasing your real followers successfully. Read through this article to learn how to do this.

1.      Evaluate and Work on your Account

The general outlook of your account greatly affects the quality and quantity of subscribers you get. Any new user stumbling on your account may want to have a quick look into your account to ascertain that committing to your account by subscribing will not be a waste.

If you have had low views for a while, you may want to run a thorough check on your account and make a critical analysis of your posts. Criticize your videos and try to watch them like an outsider. Do not hesitate to take down videos you feel are not of great quality in making and content. It’s okay to let go of some videos to give your YouTube account a great overall appearance that will attract YouTube users.

2.      Improve on Your Video Contents

Your video contents are everything. You may want to tailor your videos to suit common trends, which will help you have more users interested in what you have to offer.

The better your content, the more people will want to engage them and follow you. Shoot your videos in a well-lit environment and give them good editing. Improved quality will help improve your followers even when you have to promote your page.

3.      Engage your viewers in your videos

Try to engage and interact with your viewers using your videos. You could ask them to drop their questions in the comment section or encourage them to subscribe to your channel and turn on their notification bell. These interactions will call your viewers to action, making them followers, and it can help improve your views in the long run.

4.      Utilize YouTube Channel Trailers Feature

YouTube has a channel trailer feature that you can utilize to improve the visibility of your account. Like the conventional trailers, you can create a few minutes of video that helps the viewer get a glance at what they should expect from the video. It would be best for increased views if you created your trailer in a way that will captivate viewers and hook them to your channel.

5.      Create a YouTube Playlist

You can create a playlist of short videos for your viewers. The YouTube Playlist allows you to create a chain of similar short videos that viewers can watch one after the other, without having to select manually.

If these videos are of great quality, the playlist will make them more interested in your account and earn you more followers.

6.      Consistently Deliver Quality

No one wants to follow a dormant account or a YouTuber who will not thrill them with great content. You have to keep producing videos worth watching from time to time. Increasing your account activity can keep it top on the list on most viewers, helping you gain more followers.

7.      Promote your account

After taking adequate care to improve your post and followers’ quality, you may have to take further steps to increase your account’s visibility. Promoting your account can be in diverse ways.

You can advertise your page and YouTube videos using other social media accounts. If you have a Twitter or Instagram account, you could tell your followers about your YouTube channel.

You could also optimize your videos such that it ranks high in searches and allows viewers and internet users to reach your videos ahead of competing videos.

You may also employ companies that help generate views and increase YouTube and Twitch followers. They will help you grow real followers and improve the quality of your account.

It is important to note that most people are drawn to accounts with high views as it speaks a lot about the account’s quality. It means if you can generate initial traffic on your account, it becomes easier for you to keep increasing your followers.

7 Ways To Increase Real Followers On Youtube