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7 Ways To Figure Out The Kind Of Investor That You Are

With the potential for financial improvement that currently exists, there is no good reason not to invest, no matter how little the amount. Good investments often reap big benefits for those who make wise choices but can come at a cost for those who don’t take calculated risks. If you are considering investing in something with the intention of gaining profits, understanding your potential and the kind of investor that you are is essential.


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If you have ever pondered over the kind of investor that you are, this article will cover some of how you can analyze yourself and your goals to figure out what and how you should be investing.

Understanding The Different Types Of Investors

With the endless potential that currently exists, investing can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t sure what they should be investing in. Before you get to log onto investment sites like Pumped On Property to find a good investment, understanding the different types of investors that currently exist is important.

Defensive Investors

Defensive Investors are the ones who try to take as minimal risks as possible. This is a strategy which might not reap the biggest profits but is one that ensures that there is always a profit, no matter how minimal. In this, investors generally pay incredibly close attention to the market and only invest if all the conditions are near perfect.

Conservative Investors

Conservative Investors operate similarly as compared to defensive investors, in the sense that they try to invest in things that have a minimal amount of risks. However, in these, investors only invest smaller amounts and never into more significant ventures. This strategy is considered to be ideal for those that are starting to invest smaller amounts of money for the first time in their lives.

Balanced Investors

A Balanced Investor is someone who takes an equal amount of risks and guaranteed return. In this, an individual may make a few investments that can potentially earn them an incredible amount, but which is subject to unstable market conditions. In some instances, these risks can work out, but if they don’t, they usually have the safer investments to fall back on.

Growth Investors

Growth Investors are ones that are focused on one goal – which is to increase the capital that they already have. This investment strategy is harder to pull off for those who are unfamiliar with investments but can be something that works well for those who want to make more money to invest into more significant ventures for the future.

How To Figure Out Your Investment Type

If you are unsure of what you should be investing into, analyzing different aspects of your life and finances can help you understand the route that you should take, depending on the kind of investor that you are. Here are some of how you can figure out exactly what kind of investor you are:

1. Analyzing Your Goals

The goals that you want to achieve can be one of the most significant determinants of what kind of investor you are and the route that you want to take. If you are someone who wants to earn a little on the side and doesn’t want something too big to take care of, you probably fall into the category of a defensive or a conservative investor.

2. Accounting For Your Finances

Your finances are also a significant determinant when trying to figure out what kind of investor you can be. Those who have an incredibly large pool of money to work with can opt to go in for strategies that have a high risk to high reward ratio. Those who only have a small amount of capital to work with generally prefer to make smaller and risk-free investments.

3. Figuring Out The Purpose Of Investment

While the primary purpose of an investment is to generally make some money, there are several underlying factors that determine the kind of investor that you are. For example, if you are someone who needs to invest in order to meet your basic needs, being a Conservative Investor is usually more fitting. If you are planning to invest with the idea of building a company or starting a business, being a growth investor may be more suited to you and your needs.

4. Outlining The Priorities

In our lives, we tend to have a certain amount of priorities that we need to pay attention to. These priorities can sometimes determine the kind of investor that we can become. Someone who has a lot of things to take care of and very little time on their hands would be better off investing in something that doesn’t require them to monitor them constantly. In these instances, being a defensive investor is probably better. For those who want to make investing their main priority and have ample time to monitor their investments, being a growth investor can be a lot more viable.

5. Planning Your Timeline

There are certain investments that reap significant benefits within a short period, and there are ones that can take a considerable amount of time to offer anything of value. To understand the kind o if investor that you are, it is important to note how long you want to wait before you see any profitability.

6. Assessing Your Potential For Growth

Everyone wants to have the most growth when it comes to investments, but the potential for that is not always the same for everyone. Someone who is investing just a small amount of money into a local business is not going to reap big benefits as compared to someone who invests an exorbitant amount into a large multinational corporation. Be realistic when analyzing your potential to properly discern the kind of investor that you can be.

7. Figuring Out Who You Want To Be

Even though you may currently fall into one of the categories, you can always aspire to be something bigger and better. Analyze the kind of investor that you want to be in the future and the position that you currently have to understand the investor that you are and the steps that you need to take to reach your end goal.

7 Ways To Figure Out The Kind Of Investor That You Are


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