7 Ways To Boost Sales for Your eCommerce Website During Holiday Season

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7 Ways To Boost Sales for Your eCommerce Website During Holiday Season

The holiday season is the best opportunity to improve your eCommerce store’s marketing strategies and attract new customers. Your customers are looking for gifts at this time of year and typically don’t mind spending more. Therefore, it is your perfect chance to boost your store’s sales and revenue.

For various reasons, people are more likely to shop online during the holidays than at any other time of year. In fact, according to a study by Digital Commerce 360, online sales during holidays increased from $192.19 billion in 2020 to $211.41 billion in 2021—a considerable increase of 10%.

To help you get the most out of the big spike in online shopping traffic, we’ve compiled a list of seven suggestions that you can use to increase holiday sales at your online store.

7 Ways To Boost Sales for Your eCommerce Website During Holiday Season

#1 Design Seasonal Landing Pages for the Holidays

If you have a physical store, you know that the best way to boost sales during the holiday season is by having an attraction addition, your storefront display. The same concept applies to your online store. In addition, you should set up some eye-catching seasonal landing pages that will entice shoppers.

You may include holiday-related products, such as Christmas-inspired shirts or Halloween-themed accessories. You can also have some seasonal content, such as a Christmas story or some other type of holiday history article.

Seasonal landing pages should help users quickly find what they’re looking for and convert them into shoppers.

#2 Explore Various Digital Marketing Channels

If your eCommerce store is still new and you don’t have many resources, it may be difficult for you to implement all the digital marketing channels. Therefore, it is essential to pick the most suitable for your brand and implement them strategically.

Below are several popular digital marketing channels to get you started:

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is an excellent approach to solidifying your brand’s presence online and connecting with your customers. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for customer service, product promotion, and customer engagement.

Content Marketing:

Creating valuable content for your; for example, youience is another way to market your business and engage customers. You can create blog posts, white papers, and webinars to educate your audience about the holiday seasons, share seasonal news and give tips on how to decorate their homes.

Email Marketing:

It is among the most efficient method of addition; you reach out to customers and generate leads for your company. In addition, you can send newsletters or promotional offers to your subscribers regularly till the Holidays ends. This will help them stay updated about what’s new in your online store.

Online Advertising:

You can use online advertising to reach out to new customers and attract them to your brand. Several options are available, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, etc. In addition, you can create specific campaigns for each platform and target the right audience based on their interests and demographics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It is a practice of improving the visibility of your website in search engines. You can use various on-page and off-page tactics to improve your ranking in search results, further growing your organic traffic. Look for an affordable SEO service provider with a proven track record of delivering great outcomes.  

Video Marketing:

Videos are among the most engaging forms of content toSo whether you build brand awareness. And every video needs a script. So whether using a video script template or writing your own, you should ensure that your script aligns with your marketing strategy.

#3 Experiment on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a new mark, for example, a young trend that can help your online store stand out from the crowd. You can use VR to create 360-degree videos and build immersive holiday experiences for users.

For example, you can create a virtual tour of your holiday-themed store with Santa or the Easter Bunny as the tour guide. Doing this can give customers a unique and memorable experience to gain their trust and raise brand awareness.

#4 Host Live streams and Contests

There are a variety of modern technology solutions that you can incorporate into your holiday sales strategy, and one of them is live streaming. At the beginning of the holidays, you can host a live stream or contest to connect with your customers. You can use this as a chance to introduce new products or give away freebies.

This will help you get new customers and generate buzz around your online store. You can also use the stream to collect information about your customers’ preferences to serve them in the future better.

#5 Run Time-Limited Sales

Time-limited sales are a type of scarcity marketing that can help boost your online store’s holiday revenue. You can announce the sale on social media and create an exclusive coupon code to use during the sale period. The goal is to develop a sense of urgency that will encourage people to buy your products before the sale ends.

For example, you could offer discounts on specific items or invite customers to take advantage of free shipping if they place an order within 24 hours. This will generate more sales than usual without spending more money on advertising.

#6 Offer Bundles

Bundling products is a great way to promote discounts. This can be done with both physical and digital items.

What’s interesting is that when you bundle products together, it gives buyers a great reason to buy more than they had originally planned. People often want to save money, so if they are presented with an opportunity to purchase two or more items at a discounted rate, they will likely take advantage of the offer.

You don’t have to stop at two products; you can bundle as many products as you want. But of course, make sure that the bundle price is lower than if the items were purchased individually.

#7 Partner with Influencers

This strategy is one of the most powerful ways to increase holiday sales. The idea is that you partner with an influential person or brand and get them to promote your product through their social media accounts, blog posts, etc. This will help drive sales because people are more likely to purchase something when they see it being endorsed by someone else.

When considering which influencer to partner with, ensure they have a similar audience to yours. If your product is for working adults, it won’t make much sense to work with an influencer who only has children followers.


For consumers, the holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, whereas, for marketers, it is a time of great opportunity. In addition, people are more inclined to spend money during the holidays, so marketers must make the most of their marketing budgets.

Let’s recap some ways to increase sales for your eCommerce website during the holiday season.

  • Seasonal landing pages are a must
  • Test out different digital marketing channels
  • Experiment on VR
  • Live streams and contests create a buzz
  • Time-limited sales encourage purchases
  • Offer bundles
  • Partner with influencers

By planning, conducting market research, and using the right tactics at the right time, you can create campaigns that resonate with your potential customers and drive sales growth during the holidays.

7 Ways To Boost Sales for Your eCommerce Website During Holiday Season