7 Video Marketing Tools You Should Know

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Video is the future content, with predictions that over 80% of web traffic will be video by the year 2021. Presently, 45% of web users watch at least an hour of video content on social media platforms led by YouTube and Facebook. Video content is more than 12 times likely to be shared than photos or text. Using video ads will also see your business grow 41% annually. These are statistics you cannot ignore as a marketer, which is why you should be polishing your video-making skills to generate engaging content and also to make ads.

There are plenty of video marketing tools that you can use to make an eye-catching video even without technical skills. Generating video content and making video ads is a breeze with marketing video maker software. There are video tools for different tasks when working with video. Here are some of the top tools to make your video-making tasks easier.

For video editing 

#1 Windows Movie Maker

This is for making simple home videos. It is comfortable for a beginner if you are already using Windows. It is free to download for the basic version.

#2 Camtasia

This is one of the most popular video apps for beginners and pro users alike. You can edit video, music, and even PowerPoint presentations with a few drag and drop mouse clicks. It is free to try.

#3 Vyond

Animated videos are catchy and stand out from other content on social feeds. They are ideal for product explainer videos and tutorials. Vyond will help you make animated videos to upload to social media or your website. You don’t have to download it as it is accessed as a cloud service.

For video captioning 

#4 Headliner

Captioning increases video engagement using animated GIFs, captions, and waveforms. You can create audiograms for podcasts or Facebook with Headliner.

For sound editing

#5 Audacity

Audacity is free to use, but it comes with many features, including sound recording, balancing, editing, and exporting in various formats. Its popularity means you can find lots of support in online forums.

For Live video streaming 

#6 Instagram Live

You can broadcast live from your Instagram app by selecting the live camera feature while holding your phone vertically. You can generate up to 3 times more engagement by going live on this visually oriented platform.

#7 Facebook live

You are likely to see 6 times more engagement with Facebook live than traditional video uploads. It is easy to use and great for gaining instant feedback.

As a marketer, you must muster working with video content and various ways of delivering it for maximum engagement with your audience for continued business growth.

7 Video Marketing Tools You Should Know

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