7 Useful Tips for Better Network Security

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2020 is a year we’re not going to forget in a hurry. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives entirely and created a perfect atmosphere for cyber attacks and security breaches. Since the inception of the year, there have been as many as 726 million cyberattacks, revealing 16 billion files. During the crisis, any expectations that cyber threats will take a back seat were dashed. It is becoming increasingly clear that cybercriminals would continue to exploit the pandemic for financial gain.

Data is a valuable asset, and cybercriminals want to capitalize on this knowledge to make money and participate in fraudulent activities. 86% of this year’s violations were motivated by financial benefits. Businesses must invest in the technology, resources, finances, and legal expertise needed to ensure sufficient safety. Users need actionable to-do’s that can enable them to remain alert and Comfortable online when one click can cost thousands and even millions. Here are the top 3 useful tips for your users on cybersecurity.

Use Strong Passwords

It is not the primary concern of internet users to keep a password hidden from plain sight. Online users are supposed to build a strong password that is difficult and not easy to predict. Users should prefer a minimum of 6-digit password with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and occasionally special characters.

To create a good password, there are a few suggestions that you should follow:

  • Stop terms that come from a dictionary.
  • Do not use a predictable name for your password: your name, nickname, name of the partner, name of the family member, or even the name of a pet.
  • Avoid using a predictable phone number, street number, date of birth.


You can take the example of Nintendo reported in April 2020 that 160,000 accounts in a suspected credential stuffing attack had been compromised. Hackers gain access to user accounts using previously exposed user IDs and passwords, allowing them to buy digital goods using stored cards and display sensitive data such as name, email address, date of birth, gender, and country.

The gaming giant has been carrying out breach investigations. It has since revealed that they suspect that an additional 140,000 accounts have been compromised in the invasion, taking the total number of hacked accounts to 300,000. The company reset the passwords for all affected clients and advised customers not to use the same password across various accounts and facilities.

Physically Secure Your Hardware  

Thieves want more than just the cost of the hardware from a corporate notebook. Sensitive company data, customer records, and more can lead to one single stolen computer. It is easy for hackers to either steal data or infect your computers and network without having to go online if your computer equipment is not suitably secured.

Veteran Administration

You can take the example of the Incident of the Veteran Administration (VA). A massive security breach led to 26.5 million discharged veterans’ records, including name, SSN & date of birth, stolen from an employee’s home who improperly took home the material.

Patch Programs and Applications routinely.

If the administrator fails to cover the in-use operating systems, web browsers, plug-ins, apps, or applications, cyber attackers may infiltrate a protected network. The concerned professionals must manage all the installed applications and apps running on their latest versions. It is recommended that you allow automatic updates for all your applications.


You can take the example of Equifax. On Sept. 7, 2017, one of the largest credit bureaus in the US said that an application loophole on one of its websites resulted in a data breach exposed to approximately 147.9 million customers. On July 29, the violation was found, but the company says that it began in mid-May. The breach compromised the personal information of 143 million consumers, 209,000 consumers were also exposed to their credit card details. In October 2017, the number was increased to 147.9 million.

For a variety of security and response lapses, Equifax was blamed. Chief among them was that the application’s insecurity, which enabled access to the attackers, was unpatched. For the attackers, inadequate system segmentation rendered lateral movement quick. Equifax was late to announce the hack as well.

How a cybersecurity company Can Help

You may not have the time and money to enforce the required steps and stay on top of them, depending on your business’s size. If not, consider using a professional cybersecurity company whose network security knowledge helps you cope with data breaches. So that your workers can concentrate on revenue-generating ventures, they can devote themselves to your company’s protection. There are reliable solutions that can send large files of the company by providing security to their clients and staying away from hackers’ hands.

In Conclusion

A vital component of any company is network security. To keep it intact, it needs dedicated network administrators and security professionals. The Certified Network Defender allows you to understand any principle that can help you create a secure network for your organization. No company can be entirely safe from threats, data, or theft, or viruses, but you can make it hard for attackers to infiltrate your network. Preventive measures can make all the difference, combined with continuous supervision and formal reporting. Of course, I suggest that any small company, as a managed IT service provider, consider partnering with a reliable b2b IT vendor to provide tracking, support, and consulting.

7 Useful Tips for Better Network Security

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