7 Types Of SEO: Let's Get Familiar With The SEO World!
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7 Types Of SEO: Let’s Get Familiar With The SEO World!

SEO keeps evolving with every passing day, hour, and even minute. SEO executives have seen massive changes in SEO techniques in the last decade. Google’s eagle eyes are always at work to bring changes in the guidelines, trends, and techniques to bring better versions of existing ones. However, no matter how much the SEO world is evolving, the motives to leverage SEO efforts on a business website will remain consistent forever – increase traffic, generate hot leads, and roll revenue figures. 

When SEO was born, there were no subtypes. Gradually, SEO started to spread its wings in the marketing world; therefore, people began exploring its benefits. With the growing interest & reliance of people on this online marketing tactic, Google decided to make it a challenging game for competitors to rank on the 1st page. Today, Google judges websites based on whether they’ve fulfilled all the requirements & specifications as per the updated guidelines. Google’s expectations of a high-quality website are many. In today’s day and age, it wants you to be strong on all fronts of SEO. Now, a question must be clicking in your mind from the phrase ‘Fronts of SEO’ – ‘How many types of SEO are there?’ 

SEO: A Boon For Marketers!

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is far more effective in terms of results and cost. Also, it is an easier-to-leverage marketing technique than traditional marketing campaigns. It won’t be wrong if we call SEO the battle, where websites with the same niche compete to grab the highest spot on Google’s SERP. 

Types of SEO 

SEO has emerged to be a comprehensive concept in this decade. It has become so vast that it is divided into seven types – 

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO has dominated Google. By technical SEO, we mean focusing on technical aspects of websites, like page load time, optimization of robot.txt files, analyzing link building profiles & incorporating security elements to it. Besides, data structuring & crafting XML sitemaps are also a part of it. 

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO demands optimization for the visible elements of the website. Here we need to work on page titles, H1 tags, Headings, Images & Formatting. You can’t expect your SEO efforts to be successful without a clever on-page strategy. This type of SEO is something where you need to be consistent. You’ve to keep a sharp eye on every element of On-Page. Because by being on a regular alert, one may avert an accident.

Off-Page SEO

Page SEO is all about building credibility and authority for the website with the help of a backlink profile. This type of SEO has significant sub-categories – Social Media Marketing, Guest Posting, Forum Posting & Local Listing. Like on-page SEO, you need to be consistent with off-page SEO efforts. 

Content SEO

Content SEO is usually considered a sub-part of On-Page SEO. This type of SEO aims at improving the quality of the content and making it better. It is a quintessentially essential SEO factor as “The Content” matters the most in SEO. Google demands websites publish unique and valuable information that could benefit users.

Local SEO

The primary motive of the Local SEO is to target the local audience. Therefore, you must create local listings and post regular content on GMB profiles. Besides, you must promote your website on local directories & websites. 

Mobile SEO

More than half of the world’s population surfs the internet through mobile devices. Whether searching or purchasing something, people’s first preference for devices is always mobile. So, mobile SEO has become a vital fad.

eCommerce SEO

Gone are the days when we used to do offline shopping by visiting various shops and showrooms. This decade has seen significant changes in the preferences of the people. People love to shop from eCommerce sites while sitting comfortably in their homes. To offer a seamless user experience to online shoppers, the role of SEO is vital. eCommerce SEO requires optimization of product and category pages, adding necessary schemas, and getting favorable link juice for the product pages. 

Final Comments!

Those mentioned above are the types of ethical SEO that generate results for a long time and are favored by Google. But unfortunately, many SEO executives are so impatient that they cannot wait for these ethical SEO efforts to bear fruits at the right time. So they follow black hat SEO, which Google bans. Though it is difficult for the search engine to detect such practices, once detected, google won’t spare such malpractices and can impose serious penalties that may be difficult to get rid of. 

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