7 Top Live Stream Android Apps

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7 Top Live Stream Android Apps

Live video streaming apps have taken the world by storm in the previous years, where it is evident that these apps are pretty old. Previously the phones were not compatible, but now, with speedy internet and HD cameras, it is the perfect opportunity to download such an app and live stream/ broadcast it globally.

Below are the top live streaming apps:


This live streaming app is from Twitter which typically offers an excellent interactive service if the user beforehand is on Twitter. Streaming can be enabled from the Twitter app, simplifying its usability. Viewers can access the live stream from the web or Twitter sans having to download Periscope. Furthermore, viewers can interact with the live stream by various methods providing a satisfying experience.

This app can replay its video for one day after the streaming. Periscope without manual consent allows the users to generate an attribute called “Replay Highlights” so as to facilitate the users’ followers to view the best parts. The user is also provided with the choice to save the video once the broadcast is over. Periscope is a recommended option for live video streaming apps.

Facebook Live:

Facebook Live is an apt alternative if the user does not use Twitter that often. A live video can be initiated from the status box in the app and it functions similar to that of Periscope. In addition, user feedback is displayed at the bottom of the screen with “Likes” and emojis incorporated.

Facebook allows users to organize their videos to set their audience. Live videos can be viewed from both the Facebook app and the web. This specific app’s video can last up to 90 minutes which after viewing can be stored in Facebook in HD for subsequent viewing. As most of the users know use Facebook, this app is a recommended option. 


A relatively newcomer with regards to live-streaming, this mobile-only app’s streaming varies from that of Facebook and Periscope. It enables little effort in streaming from the “Stories” screen of the app where “Live” is chosen and the video is allowed. The resultant video will be displayed in the exact location as Stories with the user’s profile photo tagged with a “LIVE” badge.

The downside is that replaying live videos is not implemented.


This app is a long-lasting one. As Twitter or Facebook does not acquire this app, users can implement their streams on former social networking giants. Moreover, users can enable filters and organize their streams for easy identification by other people. This app even though it does not have all the attributes, it is a dependable and quick app.


Advertising itself as the “craziest live streaming experience,” Kanvas provides an extensive range of GIFs, stickers, visual effects etc. It focuses on the principles of being imaginative and intriguing compared to other services which concentrate on sharing an event. Viewers can respond with emojis, stickers, and hearts. Replaying streams at any time is also featured.


YouNow is an app that facilitates users to share their streaming on social networks? One main attribute in YouNow is transmitting and accepting”gifts”. This signifies that users can earn revenue if their streams are sought-after. Included as an extra is retrieving statistics after a broadcast is launched. A chat environment is also featured below the video.


Self-proclaimed as “live video selfies” Streamago is comparable in aspects to YouNow where the potential to make public or personal streams is implemented. Users are granted the ability to go live with fewer friends available. Live streams are distributed among many social networks and in the case the live video was not watched, the users can see replays.

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7 Top Live Stream Android Apps

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