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Find The Perfect WordPress Developer

7 Tips To Find The Perfect WordPress Developer On Outsourcing Platforms

In the era of technology, every business wants to flourish on the internet to grab better business opportunities. Therefore, companies hire a professional web developer to create a healthy website that can attract audiences. A web developer uses WordPress, PHP, Zoomla, CakePHP, Magento, WooCommerce, Laravel platforms to build the website. Above all WordPress has emerged one of the most preferred platforms to build websites by web developers. Easy use of Plugins and templates of WordPress has paved the way for many WordPress Developers and thus their finding became no more difficult task to accomplish the project on outsourcing platform.

Although, one must be a little cautious while hiring a web developer or web developer agency of outsourcing your website. Here are some tips that assist you while selecting a WordPress website development company for your project:

Know About Your Requirements

Before hiring a web developer for your project make a list of few questions and clear them. Like:

  • Do your project require high visual, modern or tidy site? or
  • Do your business require traditional conservative site? or
  • Do your company require lots of edits to the content regularly, or will the site only need to be updated by a developer once a year?

Once you know, what you want to create and how you expect to maintain the site, you can screen Web development company based on the scope and long-term vision of your projects easily.

Check The Web Developer’s Past Experience

Reviewing a designer’s portfolio is an important step. Always check his present and past work scenario, this is a quick way to determine whether the company suits your taste and matches what you are looking for in a website. Sometimes, WordPress also require coding, so test web developer whether he able to provide HTML to WordPress Services or not.

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Ask For References

While hiring a Web Developer you can also ask him to provide referrals of the past and existing customers whose project they have delivered successfully. The good reference gives you a brief look for the projects and after-sale services. If the list provided is long, you can sort out two to three clients for feedback. A well experienced and quality Web developer is always appreciated by clients.

Check Out His Area of Specialization

Before hiring a web developer look at his area of expertise and match it with your requirements. Different platforms are used by different web developers to create websites, like some prefer template-based so they use Squarespace, Website Tonight, Wix and other use open source they consider WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. So first of all, select your area and then choose the developer.

Set Out Your Budget

Normally, the cost of website design based on the requirements of the project which includes design difficulty level, number of pages and if any special function required. So if you are hiring web developer from the best WordPress website development company, they could have different charges from a single freelance web developer. But companies provides you the advantage of 100% professionalism approach and if any issue arises they have a team of professionals to deal with your problem.  Moreover, there will be no scope of frauds.

Discuss Work Execution Place 

Discussing work execution place at first step is vital before signing any agreement. If your work is executed at a place where there is a huge time zone gap, it will become painful if your project demands immediate amendments. For the minor changes, you have to wait for hours. To avoid this issue ask the team or web developer to come and meet you. Spend some time with them. And if you like their working style and then time zone could become a minor issue, which can be ignored easily.

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Confirm Project Delivery Time

Before committing with Web Developer agency never forget to ask one question:

“Can you complete this project within my timeline?”

Answer and commitment to this question is the most essential part of successful business projects. Don’t forget to cross-examine their commitment level from the reference company provided.

Final Words

Today various WordPress web developing companies are available all over the world. But with so many options, it became hard to find the most suitable developer for your WordPress project. Don’t rush with the recruiting process choose the best WordPress website development company first. Consider all the above parameters and then finalize wisely.

Author Bio:

Marie Thomas is an expert WordPress developer for hire and writer by hobby. She specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. She is associated with Wordsuccor Ltd. which meets all expectations of clients. To get in touch with her at  Facebook, and Twitter.

Find The Perfect WordPress Developer

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