7 Tips For Maintaining Brand Image of Your Business 
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7 Tips For Maintaining Brand Image of Your Business

A study by Swant (2020) revealed that Apple ranked number 1 in the list of the world’s most valuable brands. Their brand’s personality, architecture, and promise constitute an effective and well-tailored brand communication strategy. For example, to ensure you get your message across to the right audience. However, to drive beneficial results for your brand and business, this integral part of the marketing strategy must be critically thought out. Branding is the lifeblood of any product or service.

This is vouched in the Render Forest Survey (2021), wherein it was found that 77% of marketers say that building a strong brand is key to their company’s continued growth and success. Equally, 77% of customers recall certain products by their brand names, and 59% prefer buying from these brands. The majority of the company respondents also said that building brand awareness is on the top list of their priorities. Clearly, branding is about aesthetics and an analytical approach to marketing based on meticulous, creative efforts. Revisiting and considering the following tips will enable you to maintain the brand image of your business:

  • Check-in on your people and what they do.

Brand guidelines play a vital role in ensuring that your employees properly represent you since your workforce is your brand’s biggest representation. A sound definition of what is expected and what is not in terms of delivery and communication needs to be clearly stated, and all factors need to be contributory. Their uniform design, the way they interact and carry themselves, and the way they deliver their job functions efficiently and excellently make an impact on your company’s overall image.

  • Identify where your brand is present.

It is also important to find out where your brand has a presence and where it thrives. Not so long ago, social media marketing made a reliable trend. It is economical and provides room to get acquainted with your loyal customers or potential shifters. You can also see brand awareness improvements and engagements in real-time.

  • Watch out for promotions that are self-defeating.

This makes critical thinking and analysis significant in marketing. For example, say your price has gone 40% off of its original price, this can immediately drive your sales, but critics and customers might have a moment of reflection and even ask why. Posovac (2020) in Business News Daily claimed that people simultaneously believe low prices indicate a good buy and that low prices may also mean low quality. Everyone indeed loves a good bargain, but low prices can also have a detrimental effect on how the brand and its products are perceived.

  • Allow avenues for audience engagement and interaction.

Not only will this bring brand awareness but also affection towards your brand. People will get more attached to your brand knowing that you connect with them. Ensure that your promotions invite social interaction and noise. On social media, add a hanging question for every promotion. It could be a simple “tell us your success story…” or “what change have you done today?” which can indirectly elicit a call to action. From time to time, allow posts dedicated to their personal answers on a relevant topic; this will invite attention and bring in more people to your page. It also addresses the need to connect with your audience and let them be provided with the warmth your brand offers.

  • Respond to your customers.

On your open-communication platforms (email, website, or social media), respond to customers’ questions, inquiries, answers, or comments. These reassure them that their messages are heard and that you are present in times of either confusion or frustration. This helps contain an issue, so you do not find traces elsewhere, especially in this day and age of free communication. People can instantly share a bad experience on social media, and it can smear your reputation. Update your customers. Let them know about your successes, thank them for being part of it, or update them about your relocated business address. Additionally, respond at an acceptable rate with a consistent conversational style. This gives your customer the idea that whichever aspect, your brand is projecting its best. 

  • Capitalize on reviews.

Online reviews, be it Google or Facebook, are the most influential purchase leads. In Statista (2017), 68% of their survey respondents said that online reviews make or break their shopping decisions. Reviews are a big thing. It usually is attached to your brand name and dictates expected reliability from you. You can use your high reviews to promote your brand image and capture brand-conscious customers for the switch. Protect your stars and rating by making careful decisions and continuous monitoring on the delivery of your services, so no bad review gets in the way of your success.

  • Be consistent.

To make a long-lasting impression and positive presence, you need to be consistent. Consistency is key. Outputs you give out to your audience and customers have the same voice, style, and efficiency. You might want to involve a marketing editor or a brand expert who can critique and assess each message your company plans to release. Whether it is a simple copy for a 15-second radio commercial, a poll question you want to put on your social media, or even labeling and addressing an envelope, all these must undergo review for brand compliance and consistency. Certain errors in grammar and syntax, inconsistencies in approach, and unreadability of promotional materials can greatly defame your brand. 

These tips will help you maintain your brand image and open up more ideas to incorporate into your marketing strategy. Just a note, branding encompasses all aspects of the business, so rigid tracking and constant pre- and post-evaluations should be in place because, as we all know, there are always opportunities for improvement.

7 Tips For Maintaining Brand Image of Your Business

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