7 Tips for Better eCommerce Customer Service

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7 Tips for Better eCommerce Customer Service

eCommerce has dramatically changed how businesses operate. As a result, companies have also been forced to adopt an eCommerce platform, with more people wanting to shop online

However, what has distinguished eCommerce from retail stores is the customer care services people get. Therefore, as a business person, these are some things you need to capitalize on to have an upper edge over your competition. Some of the ways you can improve your customer service as an eCommerce business are mentioned below.

1. Have Around the Clock Availability

Most people prefer using online channels to shop because doing so offers 24/7 services. However, most customers have to inquire about certain aspects of your business before purchasing any product or service. As a result, you need to ensure that you have a service line operational at all times. 

It would be best to keep in mind that you may have clients from around the globe with different time zones with an eCommerce business. You only get to retain them when they know that they can access your customer support whenever needed.

2. Use AI for Customer Conversations

As stated earlier, customers expect customer support from eCommerce services around the clock. Besides, most customers prefer going the online chat route. Therefore, you need to incorporate AI in automating customer conversations. 

By incorporating AI in customer conversations, you can eliminate human intervention in resolving simple questions. Your AI can collect data and algorithms on the frequently asked questions. Therefore, your team will only be left with complex questions, hence reducing their workload while offering your customers high-quality services at the same time.

3. Use Multichannel Outreach

It would help if you were savvy in using social media to offer your clients an easy time accessing you. You notice that your customers may be spread across different online platforms. It would be best to ensure that none is limited when trying to access you in any channel. Besides, you will get to retain most of your clients when your customer engagement in several media is of high percentage.

4. Ask Your Customers for Feedback

It would be best to always ask your customers for feedback after offering them your service or after a conversation. You may find that it is not every time that the feedback is positive. However, you understand what you need to improve or maintain to ensure enhanced customer experience and satisfaction from the input. Besides, the information can help you track your client satisfaction score. As a result, you have an easy time identifying the key performance indicators you have in your business.

5. Improve Your Team-Customer Relationship

You need to ensure that your staff is trained in customer interaction and relations. It is vital that when engaging with the customers, they get personal to improve the customers’ trust in your service or products. Friendly customer service representatives will be better able to build relationships with customers, thus boosting customer retention. Polite representatives also get to be better positioned to recommend products or services to customers to address their needs.

To streamline the team-customer communication process, you may incorporate CPaaS platforms into your business. Just do your research to find reputable, cost-effective platforms with twilio competitors.

6. Follow Up with Your Customers

When your customers raise concerns or inquire about what you offer, it is vital to follow up. From the follow-up, you will know whether the solution they got satisfied their needs or whether they need more clarification. In addition, the follow-up will make the customers feel valued. The follow-up can be done via email or any other channel.

7. Be Attentive to Customer Conversations

One way to show that you are attentive to customers’ needs is by clarifying whatever they are saying. You can go a notch further and rephrase what they are saying. By doing so, you will understand them and be sure that whatever you have heard is correct.

The Bottom Line

You need to identify critical things that improve your customer retention for-profit maximization. Studies have shown that customer experience significantly impacts whether or not you get to retain your client. You have a successful business, and you need to check on your strategies to ensure that they meet customer satisfaction. It would help if you improved tactics for your eCommerce customer support. By doing so, you get to place your business a step higher than that of your competition.

7 Tips for Better eCommerce Customer Service