7 Self Care Tips from Incredibly Busy People: Backed by Science

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As marketers, it can be incredibly easy to neglect ourselves in favor of pleasing our customers, clients, or coworkers. But, what most people don’t understand is that people are actually a great deal more productive when they are well-rested and working efficiently.

To do this, marketers must fill their own cups first to ensure the creative juices are flowing freely. As an SEO and content marketer, I know that if I’ve been slacking on self-care, keyword research takes forever, and content ideation isn’t as creative as it could be. 

All this to say, fill your cup first and watch your productivity soar!

When it comes to practicing self-care, who better to take advice than the most successful people in the world? To help you achieve this, we put together a list of self-care tips from incredibly busy people. 

Famous names like Oprah, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Michelle Obama all share their best self-care tips; then, we examine WHY these tips are scientifically proven to work and how you can implement them! 

For instance, Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin (yes, the one who just went into space), shared that he will absolutely not do a task if he doesn’t love it—he’ll delegate it! Science tells us that doing tasks you love creates a positive feedback loop that boosts productivity.

While we may not all be able to delegate EVERY task we don’t love at this point, it’s smart to outsource anything you really hate, which may be an overall energy suck. Forcing yourself to do things you truly dislike could be hindering you from completing the things you DO enjoy and are good at. Stick to your zone of genius and watch your productivity skyrocket!

Another great example is Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple and eCommerce expert! He takes care of himself by focusing less on anxiety and more on creativity. So when he says, “Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday,” he is telling us to soothe our worries by focusing on creating amazing things!

This method actually holds a good amount of scientific weight. For example, anxiety has been shown to negatively impact cognition, while play has been shown to have positive impacts on cognition and productivity.

When you find yourself worried over customer churn rates or low sales, think about the solution and get creative rather than becoming buried in the problem at hand. Your brain AND your bottom line will thank you. Take some time off if you need it, and return refreshed and ready to work the next day.

In the infographic from The Derm Review below, you can find more inspiring tips from uber-successful people. Remember—success comes when your cup is full, and you are at your most productive. To achieve that, self-care is an absolute must!

Bio: Karli is a content marketer and founder of the content marketing and SEO collective Wild Idea. With over 10 years in the marketing industry, she’s worked with brands large and small across many industries to grow organic traffic and reach new audiences. She writes on everything from marketing, social, and SEO to travel and real estate. On the weekends, she loves to explore new places, enjoy the outdoors and have a glass or two of vino!

7 Self Care Tips from Incredibly Busy People: Backed by Science

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