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7 Secrets To Running A Successful eCommerce Business

So, you have finally accepted the fact that pretty much everything nowadays is connected to the internet, and would like to try out how that works out for your business? Many people and businesses have already boarded the “online train”, so, why shouldn’t you?

In the age when even our tea bags have “online connectivity”, it is very easy to be lured into the game, but have in mind that, it could be very dangerous if it is rushed, and may very well scar your online presence for a long time.

7 Secrets To Running A Successful eCommerce Business

That is why we’re here to bring you the 7 secrets to running a successful eCommerce business. Let’s begin.

  1. Your eCommerce business IS a business, so treat it accordingly!

Perhaps you thought that you could try to get a piece of the online pie, without actually investing time and resources? Maybe you thought “No, I have my business, but I’d like to try eCommerce as a hobby.” Wrong! By no means, should you treat your online business as anything less than a legitimate business! It may start as a hobby, but if you would like to be successful and earn a considerable amount of money, then you must act accordingly. One can sink or swim in a matter of seconds in the world of eCommerce.

  1. Acquire the best software and online support for your eBusiness.

The software you choose must be able to “juggle” a lot of tasks at a given point in time. What does that mean? That means that, once you get your eCommerce web site running, you must do your best to service every customer which visits your online shop, provide the best shopping experience for them, and thus retain them as customers. Provide mobile versions of your online shop as well. Provide smartphone apps. This way, the good word will spread like wildfire, and so will your business. But, if you choose your software and online support poorly, then you will face downtime, extreme customer dissatisfaction, and potentially, failure.

  1. Define your target group.
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There are a lot of businesses which provide many, many online services to their customers. You could try to do the same, but then you should have some extraordinary reasons why the customers should choose you, instead of some other competitor. Perhaps it would be better, to find the niche you and your business are best at, and focus on that niche. Maybe you will not have as many orders per day, but you will have a consistent group of satisfied customers.

  1. Let the customers “spread the word” for you.

It is virtually impossible to stress out enough, just how important it is, to have satisfied customers. The customers can share testimonials, experiences, and reviews, and thus assure the first-time visitors that they are in the right place. You may “talk the talk, and walk the walk”, but if your customers are not satisfied with their shopping experience, then it’s all for nothing. Good news spread fast, but bad news spread ridiculously faster.

  1. Make the checkout process as smooth as possible

We’ve all been there, at one point… You “fill up” your online shopping cart, go to “Checkout” and then, whole hell breaks loose! Card not accepted, not enough payment methods available, shipping issues etc. That would be nothing short of an online shop nightmare. It would be, in fact, the best way to push away the customers, and never see them again.

One must always, ALWAYS have a plethora of payment options available, and support for various credit cards. Also, shipping and delivery must be properly taken care of, because most of the customers would like their orders delivered “yesterday”.

  1. Offers, Discounts, Sales…
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Make sure that you keep your customers involved and informed. By providing special discounts or offers, you will lure your customers back to your online shop for holidays, anniversaries, special occasions etc. Award your smartphone app users with various vouchers, send them notifications for new items or active sales. This will improve your eCommerce business.

Mind you, if you take it too far with e-mail newsletters or smartphone notifications, you may damage the relationship between you and your customers. Everybody wants a good deal, but rarely anyone is glad to be disturbed every 5 minutes, just because there is something on sale.

  1. Kick your Social Media presence into high gear.

It’s a bit sad to say that we live in the age of social media, but unsocial people. Be that as it may, no one can deny the power of the various social media platforms which are available today. As an eCommerce business owner, you must do your best to harness the possibilities and opportunities provided by the social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn… Make sure your online presence does not go unnoticed. Share your products, interact with the online users, properly manage and balance the comments, let the users see that you are the “right stuff”, and you will do just fine.


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7 Secrets To Running A Successful eCommerce Business


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