7 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your eCommerce Site

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A change is constantly required in this world, whether it’s going to be in an online store or else in a physical store. Especially in the season time, a change is required to grab the attention of the consumers. The change that you are going to make will bring you the possible number of sales.

Renovation of a store requires your investment and time, and it can be done only by an experienced eCommerce website development company. A redesign is a must if your website lacks sales conversions or a huge loss in online traffic.

According to the technology changes, you need to adapt the online stores according to the change to survive in the competitive market.  A solid reason is required for a change, and so here are some 7 reasons which will definitely lead you to revamp your online store.

Increased bounce rate

The possible reasons for consumers leaving your website are poor site navigation and structure and your online store’s loading time. If there are no discounts and remarkable designs present, then the possibility of leaving your website might be high. Your website should be loaded within 3 seconds, or else it is a big drawback for your online store because the customers cannot wait until all your products get loaded on the website. The flow must be good only when the potential customer can go through all of the products and services featured on the online store. Test your website using the Google page speed insights tool to get a clear picture of the website’s design quality.


This is one of the important aspects because only through a mobile majority of traffic comes for your online store.  Your online store should be optimized for mobile consumers. The usage of smartphones tends to be very high rather than the desktop.

You need to perform a cross-browser compatibility check and google mobile friendly responsiveness test to bring out your website’s real performance capability. The checkout and payment option should be customized easily because most troubles happen here at this stage, leading to losing a potential customer from your online store.

Missing social media optimization

Social media plays a crucial role in bringing conversions to your online store. So we have to integrate the key social media channels onto the website, and then we have to write and promote content across all channels to attract the target audience. Promoting your products on appropriate social groups, boosting your post enables us to reach a wider audience. If your website is lacking in social media integration, then the possibility of getting likes and shares would gradually decrease. The images that you are going to use for your promotion should be fabulous; only then the chances of driving potential customers towards your online store will increase. If your website lacks a social media presence, then the redesign consideration is a must for your online store.

The trouble with Search Engine Optimization

Ranking your online store on top of the search results is a crucial thing because already your competitors would have been dominating the market. We need to steal the show by analyzing the competitor’s activities and take appropriate measures in bringing your online store on top of the search results. It is important to check whether the keywords are optimized in the product titles, description, alt tags, content, etc. Hire the best SEO company in the market where you will have experts to audit your e-commerce site. They will clearly predict why your website requires a redesign, and if it gets done, what will be the return on investment for them.

Security concerns

If your website is not loading on HTTPS, most consumers won’t prefer your store because the data breach could be more. Your online store must be completely secured, and there shouldn’t be any annoying third-party advertisements on your online store. People will be using their card information, personal details; the payment gateway must be a good one; otherwise, include security as a top priority while redesigning your store.

Your competitors are ahead of you.

Keep an eye on your competitor always because as and when they do any changes, you need to find out the best possible ways to achieve it in your online store. Don’t copy your competitor’s website; think out of the box and come out with the best possible design, giving a good look and feel for the consumers to browse through your online store. Get the guidance of a web design company in Chennai because redesigning a website can be done only by professional designers, and it’s not easy to accomplish.

Product reviews matters

When most of your products have bad reviews, it will severely affect your brand’s online presence. So it would be best if you were very careful in launching a product onto the market; appropriate precautionary steps and guidelines need to be followed before launching the product. Find out why your consumers are not linking your product; whether it is due to poor design or structure, you have to go for the revamp of your online store.

If you are still not sure about whether to go for a redesign or not, then you can hire a reputed eCommerce website development company that offers a complete redesign of your website at an affordable cost. Only an experienced eCommerce expert can audit your website and develop the best possible suggestions for your site. They will also come up with a quote that perfectly fits within your budget, and this investment is worth your money, and you can expect a greater return on investment from it.

Author Bio: Naveen Kumar K is a Google certified digital marketer, Senior SEO expert, a social media consultant with over 4 years of experience. He currently works at one of the leading web design companies in Chennai, which was popularly named Dezvolta.

7 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your eCommerce Site

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