7 Reasons Why You Must Move To Online Events Platform

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Attendees and organizations are inclined towards in-person events, and there is not just one reason to love in-person events, but are many. With the advent of the pandemic, conducting in-person events was impossible, forcing organizations to stop their networking activities. But as our time into the pandemic has traversed, organizations have also evolved to conduct events virtually.

If you are an organization that has yet not moved to the virtual events platform, then read below the seven reasons to do it now.

Less expensive

Yes, you read that right!

Virtual events bear no cost other than purchasing the event platform and a few expenses if you wish to implement having mobile apps.

Unlike in-person events, you have nothing to arrange, no stalls, no refreshments, no conference halls, no travel, no lodging.

You technically spend less than ten percent of your in-person event budget. You conduct your event online using a platform, and the attendees join the same event through the platform from their respective homes or comfort areas.

Saves time

Unlike in-person events, where you need to assign a dedicated team to take care of the entire setup, virtual events can be conducted in a few clicks. You don’t need any team to work on the event setup day in and out for seven days.

Virtual events tremendously save your time and enable you to put your resources into marketing efforts.


While the in-person events were also conducted globally, they included a lot of expense. With online events, you can conduct events globally without spending a huge budget.

Virtual events let you conduct events at the right time, suitable for all your attendees worldwide, without the hassle of travel.


With a virtual event platform, you can conduct any event you want. A thought leadership conference, town hall, sales kick-offs, or any other event type can be easily conducted using the events platform.

When these specific events are conducted in-person depending on their genre, it requires different approaches and decorations.

Virtual event platforms make it easy!


Event management platforms are mostly integrated with applications that enable content and email marketing. With these integrations, you can also create an event hype on social media and market your services efficiently.

Marketing for your events is no more a hassle!

Easier to connect

Unlike in-person events where attendees had to move from booth to booth to connect, they can easily network on virtual platforms using breakout sessions. Attendees can save their time by not walking, or printing their information, or doing something unproductive.

Virtual events platform makes networking hassle-free.

Easier to collect feedback

After the event is over, the attendees are sent a series of emails to collect their feedback in an in-person event. With virtual event platforms, you can collect feedback while on the call.

Organizers can use polls, gamification, and forms to collect feedback that provides positive or negative feedback about the event and collect valuable information and notice the trends.

Easy to measure results

Unlike in-person events, where everything happens manually, you can collect data on virtual platforms, track them, notice trends, send emails, collect more data, analyze the data, and make your future event plans.

In-person events require you to connect your platform to a third-party vendor, thus not providing you with a better picture of the attendees’ interests.


The interest in virtual events platforms has increased over the few months. The benefits of using virtual platforms are many when compared to conducting in-person events. While organizations still prefer in-person events, they can connect with their audience and keep the brand name going.

If you are an organization that has not leveraged the virtual events platform yet, it is time you give it a try.

7 Reasons Why You Must Move To Online Events Platform

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