7 reasons Instagram should be part of your online marketing strategy

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Online Marketing has taken a whole new turn since the arrival of social media. Digital marketing has become the sole way to reach millions of people with little effort. In the present age, Instagram is widely stated as the best social media platform for online marketing. It has even overtaken Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in this regard. Even a smaller number of 10k followers is enough to see the results, whereas for other platforms this is not the case. 

Amid the rise of Instagram, if you haven’t utilized this platform for your business then you are missing out on a lot. You ask why? Here, we give you 7 most compelling reasons why you should use Instagram for your online marketing strategy.

  1. Instagram is constantly growing

The number of people on Instagram is growing at a staggering rate. According to a stat, there now more than 800 million people active on the social media giant. Out of these, around 500 million users are active on a daily basis. And close to 40% visit the site or app each day on multiple bases. Most of the audience on Instagram are young adults, who are likely to respond to quality content. Moreover, the app is quite easy to use and many users are now shifting to this platform from Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, if you really want to make the most of your social media marketing than Instagram is the best way for you to do so. Your sales will go through the roof if you use this platform effectively.

  1. It has more engagement rates than any other platform

Instagram is best for brand and influencer marketing. The reason being it has the most engagement rates than any other platform. Just see this stat, an account having 10k followers on Facebook will get an average engagement rate of 2%. Whereas on Instagram, the same account will get an engagement rate of around 8%. Astonishing right? This surge in engagement rates on Instagram happens due to various reasons. It can be just that the build and visuals of the platform are better suited to marketing. Or followers like to engage more on this app. whatever the reason be, Instagram should be in your marketing strategy.

  1. Instagram followers are more loyal

When someone follows you on Instagram, it’s not for the sake of following. Like with Facebook, when people just like pages and accounts and follow people randomly. On Instagram, followers tend to stick, as long as your content is engaging.  You get more reward for your hard work, as your post is not lost somewhere in the feed of your followers below their friend’s etc. People use Instagram to keep themselves up to date with the latest stories, travel pictures, food blogging, etc. of their friends and other influencers.

  1. Make money through shoppable posts

On Instagram, you can make money directly through the app’s feed. There is a new feature known as shoppable posts, where you can add tags to your posts and stories, which link directly to a page containing product description, price, and the shop now option. The shop now link will directly take the follower to your online store, where the follower can directly purchase the item. The results are stated as that around 72% of Instagram users claim to directly buy from the app. Given the high effectiveness of this feature, it is a must use. 

  1. You can go creative

Still going by the main purpose of Instagram, a photo-sharing app, it provides great flexibility and room to creators to just implement their ideas. You can come up with new ways to attract the attention of your audience and grow your brand. Mix up your strategies with regular posting, quality captions, competitions, shoutouts, giveaways, amazing visuals, engaging short videos and interesting stories. No matter if you have 10k followers or not, your creativity will be rewarded.

  1. You can partner with influencers

Influencers on Instagram are mostly people like celebrities, motivational speakers, and successful businessmen, etc. who have a lot of following. By partnering up with these people, you can reach people beyond your own following. Even a small influencer with a following of 7k to 12k people can help you greatly improve your reach. You will be able to reach those areas which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. They are a great way to promote your brand.

  1. Hashtags are much more meaningful

Hashtags run social media. But unlike any other social media, hashtags on Instagram are much more effective. Starting out as a small brand can be intimidating, especially considering the competition. However, with proper use of hashtags, you can reach an audience beyond your own following. By designing innovative hashtags for your own brand and utilizing other mainstream hashtags, you will be able to reach hundreds if not thousands of people. 

7 reasons Instagram should be part of your online marketing strategy