7 Proven Tips to Increase Sales with Instagram Marketing

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7 Proven Tips to Increase Sales with Instagram Marketing

If you are an Instagram lover and love spending time on this visual platform, go for it. However, you decided to open a business profile for your product to get extra attention like others. Is it possible? Will you gain enough followers and turn those followers into potential sales or ROI?

7 Proven Tips to Increase Sales with Instagram Marketing

Let’s start with some of the statistics showing true results on how each business profile actively participates in conquering those customers.

Don’t worry if you get 10 to 15 likes, comments, and a small following. Instagram is a world of 1 billion monthly active users. With this much engagement through visual and video content, what more can this platform do for businesses? 7 out of 10 Hashtags you see daily are branded. According to the essay Help UK Statistics, hashtags bring your business almost 12.6% more engagement.

How do you increase sales through Instagram marketing strategies?

How can we increase the follower rating with this much benefit for a business? We plan to make Instagram marketing strategies to attract customers, recognition, and brand loyalty. Remember that 80% of the users follow a business account, and 60% of your potential customers will find you versus Instagram. You might be the one if you calculate proper strategies that give you instant results.

It is a highly engaging Instagram bio.

Like the profile picture, that should be attractive enough to make your followers instantly recognize you. Exactly like that, you need to make your Instagram bio look perfect, simple, and informative. The Instagram bio has to be as good as a visiting card where a customer looks into it and identifies every detail about your brand, what you do, and informative content for interesting users. So, the bio should be limited to 150 characters and a link that places you where the website is. Find the main keywords that will go into your bio content to make them clear.

Why not add your branded hashtag to attract more visitors? Research estimates branded hashtags can give enough traffic and following when added to your Instagram bio; this may allow visitors to find more photos related to the same hashtag easily.

Do not brand yourself too much.

You have converted your Instagram profile to a business platform. So, now is the time to post daily engaging content, photos, and videos to get back to your users. Most brands make this common mistake to drive traffic to their profile. Daily posting does not mean being promotional. The content does not have to be marketed as a traditional promotional campaign. Be funny and unique, and stand out from your competitors. That is what today’s marketing strategies are all about. Post behind-the-scenes or employee pictures to get viewers an idea of how these products are finalized. We are not advising you to stay away from promotional stuff, No! However,t to create a promotional post in such a way that won’t bore the customers or cause them to  unfollow for frequent posting,

Swipe up features is good to go.

People need an instant solution or the quickest way to navigate anywhere convenient. You guys have seen the swipe-up features when you click on the stories of some favorite brands. The easiest method to attract customers who were roaming around to find links through your bio can quickly do it through a swipe up feature. Once you access this amazing function, you won’t need to redirect followers to bios repeatedly. Just promote your product through a swipe-up function on your stories and add a link to a landing page to easily buy or shop to a cart.

Post product multiple times

Your customers are the ones who will remember each of your mistakes or special moments, but if you post a product once and then never post it again, The after-effects will be disastrous. They will instantly forget that such a business once in a blue moon existed in their news feed.

The best thing is to visualize your followers as they quickly scroll through their feeds every time they are active. This trick has been imposed by writing my essay for me, who was at the initial stage of entering the platform. So, if your brand is too promotional, they will instantly remove you. You won’t want that to happen. The quickest method is to post daily with different strategies to promote your product. You can first post a picture of your product and then share it on your story. Lastly, you can also go for behind-the-scenes moments to demonstrate the product.

Run a contest to win prizes.

The contest or giveaway sessions await events even the viewers are waiting for. It not only grabs attention but also outshines your competitors. People love to mingle with a business that posts contests or giveaways to the selected winners. Who does not love gifts? This running contest makes engagements, attracts new customers, or drives eCommerce sales with Instagram.

Buy shout outs

Firstly, many of you do not know what shout-outs are. They are when an influential posts a picture with a caption, allowing followers to connect with this account. You can use this technique to attract followers to your account. How? By observing another account larger than yours, with the help of their little efforts, you can instantly instantly fuel back followers.

Reach out influencers

Influencers are the backbone of any marketing strategy to work perfectly. It is seen that high-engaging influencers can guarantee successful marketing campaigns by helping companies collaborate. The audience of influencers is loyal, obedient, and trustworthy. Whatever they endorse on their platforms is directly attracted by their followers. They can deliver the authentic message to the right customer, portraying it correctly with high endorsement.

It’s a wrap.

Instagram has proven itself to be the best marketing platform that allows not only businesses but also customers of those businesses to engage, converse, and get up-to-date information regarding everything you need to know.

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