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7 PPC Tips to Drive Greater Profit This Holiday Season

Are you new to PPC or just wondering how you can generate greater profit from your PPC ads?

Well, I have written this guide to help you drive more profit from your PPC.

As we know PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

In essence, PPC is a way of buying visits to your website if you don’t want to get those visits organically. These visits in turn increase profits.

PPC ads might sound simple, however, plenty novices have created campaigns that generate very little click-through action because they are targeting the wrong keywords or probably lack a compelling message.

In this short guide, I will be talking about 7 of the best PPC tips you can start using immediately to drive greater profit in this holiday season:

# Use Ad Extensions to Increase your CTR

Ad extensions are a great way to make your ads more clickable. You can add more items in the ad copy like direct links to your website product pages, this will increase traffic to your product page and in turn increase profit.

Ad extensions can really make a big difference in your CTR and it is very easy to set up. Below are some ad extensions you can start using:

  • Site link Extensions: this allows you to promote additional landing pages or site links to your ad.
  • Location Extensions: this allows you to show your business address with your ads.
  • Call Extensions: this allows you to promote your phone number with your ad, this way customers can click and call you directly.
  • Call out Extensions: this allows you to add additional selling points to your ad.

# Adjust Campaign Geo-location Settings

Ad words geo-location settings allow you to only display ads to certain regions or even within a specific distance of your business.

Endeavor to set your geo-location settings to optimal hours of operation for your business. This also applies to when you are advertising goods or services sold from a physical location or brick-and-mortar store.

Some tips you can use when using geo-location to reach a target audience and increase profit are:

  • Adjust your Bids on ads in other to prioritize better locations
  • Use location-specific keywords for paid search ads
  • Predict your audience by geography

# Remarking for Search

Remarking for search ads allows you to serve up targeted ads based on a visitor’s past behavior. This is one of the most powerful ways to bring back users who haven’t taken your desired action like to buy your product and bring them back to complete their transaction.

Targeting users that have already been to your website is great because they are much more like to take action than just cold prospects that are visiting for the first time.

The results for remarking for search can bring ROI of up to 1000% and an increase in an average order of the value of 10%.

# Ad Scheduling

This offers you the ability to choose specific hours and days within the Google interface that you intend to run your ads.

Allowing your ads to always run can lead to unnecessary waste, rather when you schedule your ads your budgets can be better focused within your top converting hours.

Schedule your ads to run only during key trading hours. Also, use the bid adjustment tool in other to increase the ad position at peak conversion times.

For example, when you know that conversion rates for your business are lower during the weekends, you can save a lot of cost by cutting down the percentage multiplier of your bids during times like this and increase them whenever the conversions are being achieved.

# Find New Keywords to Target

Going after entirely new keywords is one of the most effective strategies you can use to save money.

Being able to identify new keyword niches can have a remarkable impact on your click-through-rate which will, in turn, raise your quality score and reduce cost. You can also target long-tail keywords.

# Match ads to Landing Pages

Sending a visitor from your PPC ad to a landing page that is irrelevant not only disrupts the sales process, but it can also actually result in the assessment of lower ad quality score.

This, in turn, means you will be paying more for each click and will receive less exposure than advertisers with higher scores.

You should decrease the number of keywords in other to avoid landing page pairings and low relevance ad. This process will make your landing pages as relevant as possible.

# Create Persuasive and Targeted Ad Campaigns

When writing your ad copy for PPC campaigns, make sure it’s written very well and should not sound too generic so that you can attract targeted customers.

Making your ads vague will only attract non-buyers and you will waste your click-through and budget.

Your ad copy should be clear, compelling, and descriptive and should have a precise call to action to drive customers to your sales or landing page.

Below are a few areas to consider in targeting your campaigns:

  • Micro-geographic focus: if you create an ad for a local business keyword – ‘Chinese restaurants in India’ for example – you should use the micro-geographic targeting features found in your advertiser account to select the specific zip codes which your ad will appear, which is on your business’s delivery area.
  • Multiple Countries: set up an ad group for each country you plan to advertise. Otherwise, you can limit your ad to the only country you intend to advertise. For example – India.
  • Time of the day: if you found out that your ads generate most conversions during a particular time of the day, you can set them up to run only during those time periods.

So we have come to the end of these amazing guide on 7 PPC tips you can use to drive greater profit this holiday season. Some of the tips I outlined are quite short but straight to the point.

Pick the ones you think you can try immediately and start applying them. Wishing you a happy holiday season and greater profit for your business.

Author Bio:

Smith Andrew is a Jr. CA content writer working with EthaneWebTechnologies. In his corporate life, he write many blogs and articles on Web design, SEO, SMO and many more.

7 PPC Tips to Drive Greater Profit This Holiday Season


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