7 Interesting Digital Teaching Tools for Education Business

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Since technology has become more prevalent throughout the world, it has impacted the education business. An increasing number of teachers are moving to use digital teaching tools to teach their students. The following tools suggested by Seu Tesol, a training center for the TEFL course in Thailand, are interesting for use by English teachers in digital teaching.

1. Scratch

Scratch is a digital tool for students to learn the basic building blocks of programming. They can create small games, animated stories, and other creative things. Scratch is designed for those interested in programming or who want to create programs without knowing how to program.

2. Prezi

Prezi is a digital presentation tool for both students and teachers. The tool allows its users to zoom into each slide so that anyone who is watching the presentation will be more engaged. Students can use it for presenting reports on certain topics or historical figures, and teachers can use it for engagingly portraying their lesson plans.

3. Quizlet

This eLearning tool is suitable for students who need to study for an exam assessment. With it, students can create note cards and fill them out with information on both sides of a digital card. Quizlet also allows students to play games and interact with other students to assess their knowledge on a particular topic.

4. Pixton

While some students may prefer to write their own stories, Pixton allows them to draw their stories digitally. This helps students to use their creative drawing skills to illustrate their stories colorfully. The types of stories can be for comics or for a storyboard where students can organize their stories.

5. Educreations

This is a digital whiteboard tool that effectively allows teachers to interact with their students. Teachers can keep track of each student’s performance in a digital classroom setting. Teachers can help students at their own pace by reviewing submitted work and explaining them in an interactive environment.

6. Google Classrooms

This tool is suitable for both students and teachers as it allows teachers to organize and interact with their classes. As a Google service, a Google account is required to use the tool. Still, aside from that, it is available on both desktop computers and mobile devices, thus allowing flexibility for professors and their students. When teachers create a virtual classroom using the tool, they can create course materials and assignments and provide a calendar that lists all assignment due dates. If a student struggles to grasp a concept, the teacher can give them digital feedback on improving.

7. Remind

Communication is essential in the classroom, and Remind a tool that can send messages to students about upcoming due dates for their homework assignments and exams. Teachers can create organized groups for their students to keep track of each specific class and deliver a message to them accordingly. Professors can share files, contact their students, and send reminders about important tasks on a schedule.


As more students utilize technology for their everyday wants and needs, teachers can also use digital tools to teach students. Some tools are designed to keep teachers organized with their lesson plans, and others are for inducing interactions between students and teachers. All together, professors can use these tools to make online teaching easier for themselves and their students.

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7 Interesting Digital Teaching Tools for Education Business

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