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7 Instagram Tips for Illustrators

Instagram is one of the best platforms for graphic designers to promote their illustration work. Many professionals use the photo-sharing site because it is the apt medium to show their creative process. However, gaining followers on Instagram does not happen overnight. It calls for a lot of your time, effort, and patience. In fact, if you are new to Instagram, it is challenging to get your grip on it. Gaining followers, likes, shares, and engagement will happen when you know how to use Instagram in the right way. If you use Instagram over the years, you can gain thousands of followers as you grow your network. As a graphic designer, you should post high-quality pictures and videos to hook your audience’s attention.

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7 Instagram Tips for Illustrators



Easier said than done, here are seven tips to use Instagram to highlight your illustration work:

Use Instagram Hashtags

Use them and you will be surprised to see the results. Instagram hashtags will make it simpler for prospective clients and followers to find your illustration work. You can use 15 to 20 hashtags and they will work wonders provided they are relevant to your content. Though, it is recommended not to use more than four or five hashtags on Instagram. If you are an illustrator, you can add hashtags like #illustration, #doodle, #digitalart, #vector, #graphic design, #vectorart, #digitalillustration, #creatives, #liveillustration, #eventillustrator, and many more.


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Use Brand New Hashtags

You can use hashtags, but not the same ones in every post. This is spam. Avoid copying and pasting exactly the same hashtags into all your posts. The new Instagram algorithms will regard it as spam, affecting the visibility of your posts. According to the new rules, you will need to switch up the hashtags for every post. It may seem a daunting task, but you need to do it if you want to promote your illustration and graphic design skills on Instagram successfully. We recommend that you use the Saved Captions feature of Later to make the process easy going. With this option, you can create several hashtags depending on the ones you use frequently. When you schedule your post, choose one of the hashtag lists through the Saved Captions feature and incorporate it into your post.

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Take Captions Seriously

When you post an image of a book or magazine cover illustration you created, there should be a takeaway. What do you want to tell your audience? You can ask them a question or simply share a high-quality image with them. When you do so, you should use long or short captions. You should alternate between a short and long description. Ask your followers simple questions about your post to drive engagement. Try to do whatever works. If you tell a short story or ask questions related to the image, it will help to make your content more personal and followers engaged with what you have shared.

Avoid Gimmicky Hashtags

Even if you use a new set of hashtags for your posts, how do you determine that you are using the right ones? You can read up online literature and ask Instagram experts to figure out which hashtags are appropriate. Avoid using gimmicky tags that look like some trick to grab user attention that offers no value to them. Do not use hashtags that have been used millions of times on Instagram. You may get a couple of likes through them, but these hashtags will not gain a highly targeted fan following or engagement. Take some time out and research online. You can visit platforms like Gramblast to understand how to grow your network using quality hashtags. Pick out the most relevant hashtags that relate to your brand, business, profession, or targeted market. For example, if you design book covers, use hashtags like #bookcoverdesign, #coverdesign, #bookcover, #coverartist, and #graphicdesign.

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Make Your Content Shareable

If your content is shared more, your graphic design or illustration work reaches more eyeballs. In fact, you can reach out to a large audience base. If you post sketches or drawings related to a particular subject or theme, Instagram users may share them many times. For example, if you are designing the book cover of a murder mystery showing an unknown hand stabbing someone from behind, users will love such illustrations. Of course, you will need to create a sense of mystery and suspense through your drawing to make it more shareable on Instagram. Similarly, a book cover design related to Halloween will get more shares because such visuals appeal to a specific sentiment. Make sure that you appeal to book lovers and your illustrations gain more visibility. This way, more and more bookworms and publishing companies will share your work provided you post your best creative work. Share your illustration on a regular basis.

Make the Most of Instagram Stories

As far as Instagram stories are concerned, they can help your design work to gain more visibility. Therefore, learn to use the feature in creative ways. If you plan to share your works of art, use relevant hashtags. They will work wonders with Instagram stories. However, if you are visiting a special location or event, add the location tag. It will give your story more views than you can imagine. You can also post bright pictures of how you designed a magazine cover or the tools you used. Show what inspired you, events, your vacation time, your exhibition, and things like that. These posts will give Instagram followers a better idea of you as a person, your profession. It will make it easier for you to connect with your targeted audience. Whether on Instagram or the internet, end users are humans. Therefore, connect with them.

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Leverage Instagram Videos

Besides photos, you can use videos to highlight your work. Create short films for your workplace. You can also post videos showing how you design cover illustrations. It will increase your followers over time.


Make the most of Instagram to highlight your illustration work. Let budding graphic designers and clients follow you and appreciate your creativity.  Some of them may turn into your clients, giving you design projects to work on. Keep posting quality images and content to increase your followers.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit Gramblast and learn how to build more follower presence.

7 Instagram Tips for Illustrators

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