7 Ideas to Advertise Your Art on Online Platforms

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In the world of the internet, one of the best ways to advertise any product or service is to maintain a strong social media presence. Online platforms allow you to keep an eye on your competitors, build your brand, and establish a steady base of loyal consumers. 

Having a powerful presence on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook is essential, but that is only a segment of the real potential you can achieve. The trick is to harness the power of the internet to reach them all. The following are the seven ideas on how to do just that.

Have a Professional Website Up and Ready

Having a professional-looking website is no longer just an option – it’s necessary for businesses and individual artists, especially those who create something as popular as African art paintings or seascapes. If you want to allow your audience to see you as an established artist, the first step is to present them with a fully functional website that’s easy to use and navigate. 

Artists rely on direct sales from their Instagram pages, but this approach is too narrow. To dive into a wider pool of buyers, you’ll need to think about the buyers that do their due diligence and go ahead and do some research on the artist before they decide to buy their art.

Having a professional website is the best way to allow these high-end buyers to reach you and perceive you as legitimate. It’s essential to optimize your work for the web to succeed in getting more customers.

Start Using Pinterest

Many people wrongly think that Pinterest is just another social media channel, but it’s not. It’s an image-focused search engine. If you know how to use all of its features and tools, Pinterest can be beneficial. Pinterest is important because it gathers a special type of audience, particularly drawn to visuals. 

It’s a specially designed online platform that allows you to include a combination of your artwork that you can regularly upload from your website. By using Pinterest, you’re extending your reach and appeal to a whole new type of audience.

Create a Monthly Newsletter

The internet provides many unique ways to market your products and brand online, and the advent of social media only makes your efforts even more fruitful. However, don’t underestimate the power of the more traditional approach of using email. 

Email can be useful as an additional marketing channel that allows you to create a meaningful relationship with your existing customers and inspire loyalty. Your website should serve as a converting point, but it is a newsletter that will seal the bond between you and your consumers.

Take Participation in Art Fairs and Trade Shows

Art fairs and trade shows are an excellent way to create new in-person opportunities and expand your reach on new art markets that you wouldn’t manage to access otherwise. What makes these events so lucrative is the fact that people attend them to buy. 

These events also tend only to happen a couple of times a year, so people are used to buying something, especially if it’s unique and new on the art market. Expand your art beyond your local market and create more than one sales source by participating in art fairs and trade shows.

Use Art Competitions to Create More Opportunities

Suppose you want to widen your reach even more and expand your artwork to uncharted territories with the primary goal of exposing your work to new audiences. In that case, you should use the opportunity of submitting your artwork to art competitions. 

It can attract top-quality prospects that can introduce your works to whole new strata of society. You can contact the art competition jurors, who are typically well-known individuals with authority in the art world.

Harness the Potential of the Local Community

Get active in the local community to use all the potential that comes from advertising your art in such a way. Volunteer with local charities and go to local art markets to sell your art. Even though people are used to buying things online, old fashioned buyers prefer in-person purchases. 

Expand Your Digital Presence

Many online art platforms offer even more opportunities to sell more artworks. Each online art marketplace has a range of features and advantages that can benefit your efforts greatly. 

Aside from Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it would be best if you also considered establishing a presence on Wetcanvas Forums, art-related subreddits, Deviant Art, Steemit, YouTube, Google Plus, Flickr, Saatchi Art, and Fine Art America. You’ll also want to create a blog featuring guest posts to build a large following.


Instead of just chasing a sale, you should put your mind to promoting your works in a way that attracts your target audience in the most personalized way. What better way to approach your buyers than via their preferred online channels of communication.

7 Ideas to Advertise Your Art on Online Platforms

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