7 Highly-Appealing Social Media Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

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7 Highly-Appealing Social Media Marketing Strategies for eCommerce


Since the advent of the Internet, businesses have been looking for a winning formula to help launch any product or service with finesse. And after several years, they got as no one won’t be able to find out a better combination than social media and e-commerce. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter are the top platforms having billions of regular users. This makes them irresistible for businesses that market their products to them and get the attention of their target audience.

Active social media presence is necessary for brands to impact how people perceive them. A positive review on these platforms can pave the way for any product to get the recognition it looks for. Positive reviews, feedback, and testimonials can be the best factors for the success of any product. Getting leads and conversions isn’t possible until businesses ace their social media marketing strategies. Using an eCommerce store builder to have a good online presence is also important.

7  Media Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

Look at the seven highly-appealing social media marketing strategies below that are imperative especially for small businesses and startups to make a mark for themselves in the market.

  1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name. The process looks quite simple, but it is a crucial step and is very difficult to achieve, especially for newcomers in the market. There are several examples that even a product marketed by multinational companies has failed to entice its target audience. An example will make it easier for you to understand what I’m trying to describe here.

Liril, marketed by Hindustan Unilever, was one of the most famous brands in India, with the ads virtually made a splash all over. Unilever launched the product in Pakistan in early 2000, but the product didn’t get the response they anticipated. And that’s why the product can be termed a colossal failure, as millions of rupees were lost in marketing and production.

Raising awareness about any brand includes the qualities that distinguish the product from its competition. This needs to be considered as no brand can make a mark for itself in the market without having some distinct qualities. A unique and consistent voice is required on social media; your posting strategy on these platforms must excel. You also need to use paid ads and organically raise awareness about your product for the best results.

  1. Using Facebook to your Advantage

With around 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook should be at the heart of all your social media marketing strategies. Many factors are involved in using Facebook to market any product and service. Let me describe this in detail by offering insights into three different aspects.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great way to interact with current and prospective customers for businesses. You can display features of your product while your customers can interact with you in real-time. Facebook live is an excellent tool for any company as this is one social media platform they must use to get their message across quickly and effectively.

Facebook Messenger

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is another great way to tap in for all businesses. It can become a huge sales channel for businesses that know how to make it work. Any company should link Facebook Messenger to their website to show real-time product updates and price changes. Millions of Facebook users in your region will get updates about your product or service without going to your website.

Facebook Ads

Not many companies want to indulge in Foreheads. But it is an excellent ploy for every business concerned. Just like Google ads offer great customer support, Facebook ads also provide positive results for the users. Now Facebook offers a variety of advertisements for eCommerce websites that suit the requirement and budget of every business.

  1. YouTube

After Facebook, you need to consider the video-sharing website YouTube for your social media marketing lead generation strategy. YouTube is the second most visited website on the Internet after Google daily. Over 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute so that you can imagine the kind of content available on it. Because millions of users are watching videos on it at any given minute, these are bright for your product to make a mark for it.

Businesses can thrive on YouTube as they can put YouTube videos on their websites and a link for them on their social media platforms. For e-commerce websites, YouTube can be the game changer they are looking for, as this platform alone can be the catalyst for their success in the long run.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is famous for image sharing, but now Instagram stories and IGTV are good features, especially for businesses to flourish. Gone are the days when teenagers just used Instagram to share their pictures after applying cute (or silly) filters. Snapchat’s filters were more famous, but Instagram was more prominent.

Nowadays, businesses use Instagram as a channel to offer various information about their product. Instagram can be used smartly to provide a teaser campaign for a new juice brand and release more details after regular intervals. You can do many activities to make your potential customers interested in your product. Activities like these can be highly fruitful for a product when it is launched as enough buzz has been created amongst its target audience.

With over 1.4 billion monthly active users and over 2 billion users, Instagram is also on the radar of most businesses as they look to consolidate its vast customer base. You can also think about what can be done to make your product tick with its target audience by finding a strategy that can work on this app.

  1. Social Listening

Social distancing is scanning social media to get a mention of your brand or products. And look for conversations related to their brand so they can use them for promoting their products. So, what’s in it for an eCommerce website? People talk about products all the time, and when it is one of their favorites or a new product they immensely like, they surely offer their praise on various social media platforms.

Businesses need to be up to date with their audience as to what they are saying about their product. Any negative thoughts from some customers can balloon up the problem for them. And positive word of mouth can be beneficial for any product to reach the masses. It also raises awareness for a product so that more people get familiar with it.

  1. Collaboration with Influencers

Getting help from social media influencers is one good tactic so that a website can get the eyeballs it requires. We all love to see what our favorite celebrity or influencer is doing on Instagram or Facebook, for example. Any products they endorse get good publicity and exposure for any product that can get you a new audience within a few days.

Collaboration should be done after much thought, as you cannot select a random celebrity or influencer for a brand. For example, if your target audience falls under 18 to 34, a singer or a famous actor would be the best choice. Otherwise, if you are targeting older people, you need to onboard someone mature enough, like a businessman or motivational speaker.

Indeed, not every time; just Facebook or Instagram will help you out. For some products, Twitter may be perfect, or for some, it will be YouTube. That’s why research before onboarding any influencer.

  1. Customer Service

After everything goes smoothly, then it is time for apt customer support. Businesses need an exceptional team that can look after their customers. An E-commerce business is not something that can thrive overnight or can sustain without making a genuine effort. If you cannot address the grievance of your customers, even if it is a minor one, then after some time, this may hamper your reputation big time.

Social media becomes your main customer support channel as most customers will come to your Facebook or Instagram page to offer their comments. Positive feedback will be great for you, while negative comments will give you a tough time. That’s why a detailed strategy related to your social media platforms working as a customer support channel is a definite requirement.

Opinions from happy customers can be used as social proofing and a boon for your business. Engage with your customers by actively engaging in their conversations and offering your point of view. This is akin to social listening to make your social media platforms work for you.

Final Word 

Whether you are working with a million-dollar budget or have just a few thousand to spend on your prproduct’sarketing dodoesn’take any difference, you can make your business run smoothly with a taut social media marketing strategy. Surely more money means you can spend lavishly on Facebook or other paid ads, but still, you can win over your audience if you know how to use the most popular social media platforms to your advantage.

If you think you can add something here based on your experience, you are welcome to offer your thoughts. For any questions or feedback, please use the comments section below.

7 Highly-Appealing Social Media Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

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