7 Great Places to Host a Company Wide Meetup

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7 Great Places to Host a Company Wide Meetup

Who says vacations and business meetings can’t happen at the same time? With an out-of-office company-wide meetup, you can treat your staff to a paid vacation at a destination they’ll love. Having an office-wide meetup is the best way to bring your team together, allowing you to show your appreciation to them and bond over common interests, hobbies, or even just the weather in the area. Plus, what better way to plan next year’s company retreat than by having employees vote on their favorite destination out of a top seven list?

The Best Locations for Your Business Trip

In today’s world, business-related working trips can double as vacations for workers on the verge of burnout. If you’re wondering where to host a company-wide meetup, this list of seven destinations should help get you started on choosing the best location:

1. Wineries in California

With its mild year-round climate, sunny days, and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder that California is home to over 930 wineries that can double as the perfect meeting venue. So if you have a big group looking to have an afternoon meeting outside of San Francisco or Los Angeles, consider planning a trip to Sonoma County or Napa Valley.

2. Beach Resorts in Miami

Miami is home to many great beaches and resorts, and these locations are great for hosting company-wide meetups. Hosting a work trip in Miami gives your team members time to bond, collaborate, and have fun in the sun. Consider having your next company-wide meetup at one of Miami’s beach resort hotels or booking a lavish beachside home for team meetings.

3. Campsites in Louisiana

Taking your team on a company-wide trip to go camping in Louisiana is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. After a morning at the cabin or conference room, you can treat your team to a bonding trip in the great outdoors. If you want to explore with an expert guide, paddle your way through swamps and bayous on a tour of Cajun Country.

Likewise, a canoe or kayak trip down Bayou Teche will let you see dolphins and alligators while providing good exercise and fresh air. If you prefer something more rugged, invite your team to camp out at Kisatchie National Forest, where you’ll be rewarded with hiking trails through thickets of pines overlooking mountains and valleys.

4. Conference Centers in North Carolina

North Carolina is another picturesque location to consider for a company-wide trip. If having a private, quiet location for your company’s next meeting is something you desire, then a spacious conference center is an excellent choice. Using a conference center for your event is a big benefit as it allows you to tailor your meeting room to everything you imagine your ideal venue to be. Conference centers will enable you to have as many or as few amenities as you want at your venue, and North Carolina is just the ticket for a change of pace and scenery.

5. Beach Venues in Hawaii

Another top pick for hosting a company-wide meetup is beaches in Hawaii. In Hawaii, you’ll be able to enjoy great weather as well as activities such as hiking and whale watching. The varied scenery will make it easier for everyone to find something they’re interested in doing during their time off.

6. Private Mansions in Texas

If you have many employees, holding a company meeting in a venue with thousands of seats can be cost-prohibitive. Instead, look into renting private mansions for your next gathering. With its private setting and intimate atmosphere, a Texan mansion is a perfect place to hold meetings without breaking your budget.

7. Coworking Spaces in New York

New York is an excellent city to host an event. Renting out office space in a New York coworking building is a great way to make your next work meetup an adventurous one. Consider a location in the Meatpacking District, Williamsburg, or Soho for a work trip that can double as a vacation to the Big Apple. Most coworking locations have enough space for smaller meetings and larger rooms to accommodate conference-style meetups.

Make sure your next out-of-office work trip is a productive and enjoyable one. Keep this guide in mind as you consider the best destinations for your upcoming work trip.

7 Great Places to Host a Company-Wide Meetup

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