7 Features of a Responsive Video Streaming App

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7 Features Responsive Video Streaming App

Video streaming app development is not a cakewalk. If you are a budding company or a startup firm, you are probably trying to foray into it as we speak, but as we pointed out just right now, it will not be easy at all, not in the least. To be able to create an all-rounded and winning live-streaming app, you will have to do a lot. Find inspiration from existing market players such as s Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. This is the only way to turn up a winner yourself. There are some very clear and obvious features that every video streaming app has to have to become successful. We will focus on them and educate you on making them so seamless and fluid that your users get addicted to them quickly.

7 Features of a Responsive Video Streaming App

Content Is What Matters – Not Just The Latest Movies But The Most Popular Shows Too

This one feature of your video streaming app is the most important one. However, the key is to be flexible and unlimited in your approach and offering. Would your users stick to movies, daily soaps, or sports? Nope! They will want everything, and this is where you come in with everything, literally. Offer them a plethora of media, and they will be glued to you like gum to hair. Not a good analogy, but this feature will allow your users to binge-watch their favorite movies and TV series and keep up with the latest news. Of course, each user will have their preferences, so it is better to include an option for streaming all these kinds of media and couple all this with a live broadcasting feature to make it an all-rounder in video streaming.

Multiple Language Support

A critical aspect of video streaming app development is support for multiple languages. If this essential feature is left out, your app will fall short of becoming the most downloaded app on the Play Store or the App Store. Users highly demand multiple language support; if you have an option for that, it will easily attract many people worldwide. This will allow them to find, download and use your application in the language of their choice. By adding this one little yet important utility, you are making them habitual to your app. They will see familiarity here, and you will gain a maximum audience worldwide.

Searching Through Options And Feeds

If your live streaming app development team forgot to add the search feature, return to them and get it added now. Your user will need this feature because they want to search for the content they seek. You may have a huge menu well adorned with all the content categories out there, but it won’t necessarily have what your user is looking for. You do have a big collection of movies, shows, and the latest news on the landing page, but if the user doesn’t want any of those at the moment, they should have the option of searching and finding the content they want. It is as simple as that. This will not just save their time but also enhance the functionality of your app.

A Watchlist

For this, you will have to observe what searches your users perform. This will allow you to understand the kind of content they are usually interested in and help you develop more personalized content that suits their needs and preferences. Furthermore, this allows you to create a watchlist for them whenever they open your app. Apart from this, the user should be given complete freedom to create their watchlist, which they should be able to save for later. They should also be allowed to keep track of their favorite series and upcoming episodes via notifications. This adds to the utility of your app and the overall user experience.

Social Media Connectivity

Do you know how integrating social media platforms becomes an important feature of a video streaming app? They let users share everything they watch with friends and followers across various social media platforms. This gives your app an upper hand when competing with other market players. Other than this, it also allows a user to rate an episode, like, dislike, or comment on a show and a movie they watched so that other viewers or the people in their friend list can know about it. This also promotes your video streaming app in a big way. People get to find out about its availability and would want to install it to view the content of their liking.

Easy And Quick Registration.

Unless your video streaming app is from a different world, you will include an easy and seamless registration process facilitated via other networks. There should be no need to set up an individual account to access your media and stream videos. Google+, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo mail accounts, and even their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts should hold relevance and credibility and let them log in to your video streaming app without hiccups. When your user has to begin feeding information from the start, it gets all annoying for them, and that is when you start losing your user base. Don’t let this happen to your app. They should be able to log in or sign up from any social media account or registered email account for easy access.

Easy Creation Of Personal Accounts

Your video streaming app or service should let your users create personal accounts. Your users want to have a personal profile where they get to view and manage their data. It can be linked to their email addresses or social media profiles for easy access. They shouldn’t need to feed passwords every time they log in. Apart from that, if you have any in-app purchases, the user should have complete and unhindered access to a variety of payment options right there in your app to make a purchase. Also, if you can support multiple user profiles, keeping track of each person’s favorite videos, movies, and shows becomes easy. You can display personalized suggestions to your users to improve their experience with your app.

Final Thoughts

So, these are just a few features that will enable you to develop a robust and very user-friendly video streaming app. Your users seek innovation and speed coupled with impressive features and social media integration; more than anything else, they want functionality. In short, they want it all. So, ensure you leave no stone unturned when trying to woo them with our video streaming app.