7 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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7 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing mistakes can significantly impact the reputation, popularity, value, and revenue of a business. However, it is the most basic type of marketing strategy that has been there in the market for a long time. Therefore, looking at the consistency of existence of this method, the effectiveness, importance, and requirement of this digital marketing technique can be understood.

Email marketing is crucial; there’s no place for committing mistakes that can null all your efforts. However, if your email marketing strategies are not giving the expected results, you might commit some mistakes that affect your strategy.

Here are the seven most common email marketing mistakes you need to avoid to get good results:

1. Poor Quality Content

We all know that content is the key to attracting more users to your brand. Inserting poor-quality content in your mail will not get you conversions. Visual content is the best way to convince users that your brand offers quality services. Poor quality content can create a bad impression for your brand in the market. Include a good amount of image content and links to your mail. But, do not spam the mail content with unnecessary links and images. If you are not good at creating good content, you can take help from a digital marketing company in Pune or Mumbai to improve your strategy.

2. Not Including Call-to-Action Strategy

The primary purpose of using email marketing is to get more people to know about your brand and to get them to use your services. When sending a mail to a customer, you need to compel the user to act. By providing links to your web pages and blogs, you can guide your customers to visit your website. Call-To-Action (CTA) is the best strategy to get more conversions.

3. Content Not Optimized for Mobile

There were times when email services were available only on computers and later on laptops. With the advancements in technology, people mostly use their phones to check their emails. After all, mobile phones are the most convenient way to use digital platforms. Not optimizing content for mobile will be a waste of resources. If people cannot view the content of your mail, there is no point in sending the emails.

4. Bad Timing

People are busy and do not have time to open any mail other than work-related ones when they are working. If you send them a mail when most people are working, it’s evident that your mail will directly hit the trash folder. So, track when your emails are being opened by people and utilize the statistics to impress them. If you do not understand statistics, you can take help from a digital marketing company in Pune, Bangalore, or Delhi to avoid such email marketing mistakes.

5. Neglecting Email Automation

Email automation can be referred to as a boon for companies with a large customer base. Email automation simplifies the procedure of email marketing and avoids manual errors. A wide range of functions like sending bulk emails, tracing analytics, and other email-related tasks can be automated. This will give you a better insight into the effectiveness of your marketing skills.

6. Targeting Users Randomly Without Making Use of the Analytics and Insight

Not everybody is likely interested in the product you are promoting through your mail. Utilizing analytics to understand customer psychology is very important. Sending a bulk of emails to the same users every day might waste your resources. You can use lead generation services to get better leads and insights into the audience targeting strategies.

7. Not Providing ‘Unsubscribe Option’ with the Mail

Irrespective of whether you agree, people usually get the wrong impression of brands that keep sending emails. There is no use in sending out emails daily to the customers trying hard to keep your emails out of their inbox. It is a waste of resources for your company too. So, make sure that you attach a link to ‘unsubscribe’ in your mail.


These are a few email marketing mistakes that you might be making while sending out emails to your subscribers. It becomes challenging to handle email marketing on your own when your client base increases. This sector of digital marketing needs a lot of effort and attention. If your email marketing strategies are failing continuously, it is better to hire email marketing and search advertising that can help you with anything related to your business’ marketing.

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7 Email Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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