7 Effective Strategies to Increase Sales on WooCommerce

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Are you looking for a new approach to boost your product sales on WooCommerce? You have come to the right place. Irrespective of whether you’re a new business or have been in business for several years, more visitors and increased sales are what counts at the end of the day.

The digital age has made it easier for more businesses to find their way online. The challenge standing now isn’t the technical web setup but getting in the leads and converting them to sales. Increasing conversion is something that can make or break your business.

This article will discuss how you can better optimize your WooCommerce store for improved conversions, more sales, and higher income.

Action Plan to Promote your WooCommerce Store Products

Based on extensive research, we have assembled some actionable strategies that increase product sales and, at the same time, enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Email & Newsletter

Email marketing and newsletter is a great way to communicate with the customer by sending them relevant email messages with suitable content at the right time and connecting with a customer right in their mail inbox using email marketing extension on WooCommerce catches and holds their attention.

To pique interest, offer a valuable discount to your subscribed readers as it has the power to convert unsure readers into faithful customers. Along with the discount, offer sharing content that benefits your reader by solving a need or query. This will keep them engaged and make them come back for more.

Here are a few key points to recapture your reader’s attention and keep things interesting:

  • To get people to zero in on your email, highlight your email’s value in the subject by using compelling phrasing like ”Today Only.”
  • Make your content short and impactful.
  • Keep a sense of urgency in your language.
  • Be consistent so your audience doesn’t lose track.
  • Create a Personalized effect through emails by using the reader’s name in your subject.
  • Add a ”Call to Action” link.

Paid Promotion

Product promotion through Pay-per-click advertising is a very contemporary marketing approach. Google Adwords is the most commonly preferred choice when it comes to pay-per-click, and when done right, paid ads for WooCommerce can generate you a store full of visitors.

What happens is every time a visitor clicks your ad, they will automatically be directed to your product site. With proper research and execution, WooCommerce ads help bring new audiences and keep those interested in making a purchase.

In a nutshell, this advertising technique allows the advertisers to bid on the keywords, and the winner of the auction gets placed on the top of the search engine results.

Chained Products

Chaining products means linking additional products to the main product and displaying them together on one page. This is another way to build up your revenues by displaying further specific products based on your customer’s purchase.

Adding suggestions such as ”You may also like” or ”People also searched for” or ”Works great with” allows your customers to view similar products to their purchase. By chaining products, you indulge your customers into considering other offers.

Research has shown that sales increase when customers are given product recommendations at the point of checkout.

Smart Coupons

Social media gift coupons, holiday vouchers, etc., is another effective way by which you can engage your customers and uplift sales. This is an essential technique of silently promoting store products and raising brand awareness. Always keep a note of special occasions and offer discount coupons and a gift voucher to your customers on festivals; this will help you clock your customers” attention.

WooCommerce makes the process smooth with a build-in coupon generator option that lets you manually create discount codes. And if you are looking for smarter functionality, the Smart Coupons extension has all that you might need.

The Smart Coupons extension allows you to send out coupon offers via email quickly, driving traffic directly to your site. Moreover, it offers additional features such as store credit, gift certificates, or free shipping to your customers.

Experiment with Flash Sales by creating urgency

Understanding the psychology of your customer portrays a vital role in the growth of product selling on WooCommerce. Timing is everything; every discount wrapped into a specific time slot creates a sense of urgency, which drives more customers to purchase.

Neuromarketing suggests that creating a sense of urgency in situations forces us to act quickly. It is based on persuasion psychology and the principle of fear of missing out; this is why installing a countdown timer before an upcoming sale can significantly increase purchases.

Give it a try and see the magic unfold; an uninterested buyer is now paying attention.

Add a Video

By 2017 nearly 74% of the internet consisted of video traffic, and since then, the numbers have only increased. The video lets them have an actual peek at the product, which in turn rids them of any conflict or query they might have in their mind.

When creating a product video, focus on the clarity of the video and the simplicity of the message. To instantly capture the user’s attention, the product video should straightforwardly tell how the product would help to solve a particular problem they are facing.

Social Media

With the number of people spending time on social media today, it is much easier to access a more massive crowd in a shorter time. Social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has a wide variety of benefits such as:

  • Social marketing tools allow you to reach more potential customers and increase followers.
  • Encourages your customers to engage with your brand making it easier to promote upcoming products and sales actively.
  • Social media allows your brand to have access to the market free of cost.
  • People often use Twitter to share product reviews and experiences; this will increase your credibility.
  • Social media networks often provide the customer’s email address. Every time a purchase is made, make sure emails are sent to customers asking them to review the business and product.

Social media platform provides newer and better sale opportunity, but it also gives a chance to develop a relationship with your customers. It’s essential to focus on immediate sales for the purchase to increase, but your long-term goal should be building trust to engage the audience and inspire them for future investment. This is important as it builds trust with your customers and makes your products more credible.

The bottom line is if social media is the missing piece of your WooCommerce marketing puzzle, your picture won’t be whole.

Final Thoughts

WooCommerce is a leading platform to promote your potential products, which will result in revenues. The strategies mention in this article will help you broaden the number of sales to a significant amount and build a strong customer base.

Now you know the techniques successful businesses and marketers use to escalate sales on WooCommerce without further ado, implement these techniques and see your sales take off.

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7 Effective Strategies to Increase Sales on WooCommerce

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