7 Effective Facebook Ad Strategies for eCommerce

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If you want to get more customers from social media, using Facebook Ads is a great option. Organic reach will not give you the same results as a few years ago. Facebook Ads targeting options allow you to create exact targeting for your audience. Below, you will read seven effective Facebook Ads strategies for e-commerce that will boost your sales.

Use beautiful images to catch their attention.

People on Facebook and Instagram tend to scroll down to their feed. There are too many posts from their friends and pages they follow, so it’s possible to skip many of them. So, a beautiful image can grab their attention, and this is what you want to achieve with Facebook Ads. If the image is relevant to the product and the quality is good enough, you will get more engagement than the average ads.

Setup a Facebook Pixel For Your Website

When you create a pixel for your website, you can inform Facebook of the activity you want to track and target your Facebook Ads. It’s an easy way to retarget visitors to your website. Retargeting ads have better conversion rates because they focus on a narrow audience already aware of your brand.

Use Upsells To Increase ROI

Upsells can help to generate revenue from existing buyers. If your buyers are happy with your products and your brand, they trust you enough to keep buying more products. Repetitive sales are powerful in e-commerce, and they should be a part of your strategy.

Create A LookALike Audience

You can create a lookalike audience by using a customer list or an email list. Facebook will figure out the demographics and the interests of the people in your list and create ads that target a similar audience. The new audience will have better conversion rates than your standard audiences because they have the same interests as your customers.

Promote Your Content

If you create content on your Facebook page or website, you can promote with Facebook Ads. Both options can attract more people that are relevant to your niche. Content that already gets engagement or sales with your audience can generate better results by increasing the traffic.

Build A Referral Program

You can promise discounts or rewards to people that suggest your products to their friends. You can track the referrals by creating codes or referral links. Your existing customers will generate more sales for you because they win something, and the brand gets valuable social proof.

Target Cart Abandonment

Some visitors will choose products, add them to the cart, and leave the page without completing the purchase. It happens to every e-commerce website. They may have doubts, or something distracts them. You can create retargeting ads for those who abandon the checkout. The conversion rates are incredibly high in these campaigns because the targetted audience is already a step before purchasing.


There were seven effective Facebook Ads strategies for e-commerce. Many big online brands already use them, and they will help you reach more people in your niche and increase your sales simultaneously.

Article by Mike Klieberman at Truenorthsocial.com

7 Effective Facebook Ad Strategies for eCommerce

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