7 Crucial KPIs for Video Marketing You Should Track

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7 Crucial KPIs for Video Marketing You Should Track

Today in Internet traffic, 82% is almost video content. Now videos are the popular content, and it is the best marketing form everyone will love. People love social media videos for many reasons. They love to watch cooking videos to cryptocurrency videos, and the short 1-minute clips are even famous. In addition, people can spend hours scrolling the videos on their smartphones.

It is an obsession with video content, reflecting the massive amount of videos uploaded on social platforms. YouTube alone has an estimated 500 hours of videos that one can post every minute. It is a number still; you do not represent the primary count of any other octal media channels and even get into the video distribution platforms. Every business witnesses that video marketing is the recent chance to grow the business and even get loyal audiences. But there remains a question of how you will know how your business works on the video marketing strategy. Therefore, measuring video marketing and its performance is a must.

Measurement of the video marketing performance

Video marketing does not start or end with creating and posting the video on social media platforms. It is perfect planning, execution, and even analysis are a must. First, you need to analyze the video marketing and its campaign to recognize where the fault is, and you will feel everything is good. Next, you need to monitor the KPI, I.e., Key performance indicators. The same goes with video marketing, so to ensure the video marketing strategy is working; you need to measure the specific KPIs and even track the progress over time.

You will get all the valuable insights into what is and is not working there. One who is armed with the perfect knowledge, then you can make all the necessary changes even to improve video marketing performance.

Benefits of measurement of KPIs of video marketing

Track progress- you can improve the video marketing campaign only if you know how to perform it well and better. You can see the drive is getting in the right direction only if you track the KPIs.

Areas to improve- when you analyze KPIs, you will quickly identify the areas to improve. It allows the focus on the resources to make the best necessary changes, and you can even improve the video marketing campaign.

Make better decisions- when there is perfect data to make decision making, then you will get better choices to improve the video and its marketing campaign in the future.

Here are the seven video marketing KPIs:


You can track the performance of video marketing through pictures. It plays a vital role in measuring video performances. Statements give you an overall idea of how people will watch the videos. It will become the best indicator of the best video marketing campaign and then successfully reach the target audiences. If you are getting more views, then you will have more reach. If the number of arguments is massive, then you will get an easy chance to appeal to the maximum potential customers.

Engagement rates

The engagement rate is the total of people who will exclusively engage with the video divided into the total number of views. It is a metric that is important for you to show how you are effective in the videos to make them more effective and valuable. A high engagement rate will indicate to the viewers which you will get an interest, and there is more place to take action after watching the meaningful videos. The engagement will depend on the number of shares, likes, and even comments on social media handles. Hire dedicated developers to develop the website or social media platform where the videos will play and give the best engagement rate because of the user-friendliness of the platform and make it impactful.


CTRs are the Click-Through Rates, the total number of people who will click on the link in the video, divided by the videos that one needs to show. There is a high CTR that will indicate the viewers will be in interest in the offers. Also, there is a higher click which means that the content and the call to action will remain engaging enough for the entire people to take the best next step.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates are the number of people who will desire to take the necessary actions after you watch the video, divided by the total number of views. There is a high conversion rate that will show the effectiveness of the video, and it is like getting ideas and even taking better action, and then you can move forward and even contact the business. You must ensure that the marketing videos are compelling and helpful for the best target audiences. When people find the content relatable to the problems, they will convert more and purchase the product and the services.

Return on investment

ROI is the investment you will get into the video marketing campaign. There is a high ROI that will indicate that the video and its marketing campaign will be compelling and even generates more revenue than it costs to produce and the perfect distribution of the videos. The ROI metrics will often use video marketing KPIs. For example- when you evaluate the video marketing campaign, the business should measure the previous videos’ work. In addition, it would help if you found out whether the video performance will help the brands to continue with the specific strategy or even change it for better future references.

Average watch time

average watch time will come to the total number of people spend and watch the video divided by the number of views. Video average watch time will vary, depending on the video’s content, quality and length. For 30-second commercials, the average view time will be 2 seconds only that too only for animated videos. For other videos, the average view time is high for the long-firm content videos with high production value. The main important thing is that you have to keep that one size must fit it all. When measuring that, you have to figure out the average watch time. Also, it depends on the different factors specific to the videos.

Play rates

the pay rates will be the percentage of the people who will start plaything videos that you can compare to the number of times the videos will appear and even reach the different times the video appears on the screen. It is like a metric measuring how often one can play the video; it can express the percentage of the total number of views. For an ad, the video play rate will be different than you compare with the playback rate of the user-generated video on YouTube. It is a high play rate which usually indicates that more people will see and even engage with the ad. Even on youtube, it will play at high speed, and one can suggest that the video will be popular and many people watch it.

How can you measure the KPIs of video marketing

Suppose you want to measure the KPIs marketing. In that case, you can start with the help of the platform’s monitor, which makes it different from posting the videos on the YouTube analytics dashboard or even Wistia or wherever the videos are in the host. To measure the proper video marketing KPIs on YouTube, one has to look for the videos’ likes, views, numbers, comments, and dislikes of the videos to receive. Overall, you can look at the watch time at an average rate and the click-through rate. These primary metrics will show how popular and engaging you can make your video.

These are the various options where you can track, share and measure the video marketing of the KPIs. You can use Google Analytics for the best built-in reporting solutions or standalone solutions like TubeBuddy. If you use a different hosting platform, then make sure to check the best data and even the analytics tools that are available. If you consider Vimeo, it has various tools to use and even tracks video performances. If there is anything like a run of marketing channels, then it is a good idea to use the dashboard marketing tool, and you can even pull together all the different KPIs in just one place as an entire overview.


Now that these video marketing KPIs are important, some will matter to the business more than others. It would help if you focused on the ones that will depend on the business goals and objectives. For example, if you increase the business goals of brand awareness, you must pay close attention to the views and the number of videos you will get. Also, on the other hand, the goal will generate the leads, and you want to focus on the perfect metrics like the click-through rate, and even there will be the generation of leads. These above seven KPI metrics are essential for excellent understanding, and you will understand how successful the campaign is and the improvement. You can track and analyze all the KPIs, make data-driven decisions, and even improve video marketing and its drive to help you achieve business goals. Hire flutter application developers and get the best help from the website.