7 Content Marketing Tools That Help You Attract More Customers

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Content marketing has paramount importance in the business world, so anything that helps facilitate the process becomes equally important

7 Content Marketing Tools That Help You Attract More Customers

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If you don’t know yet then let us tell you that content marketing has now become one of the most important aspects of the digital platform. Around 55% of B2B marketers have increased spending on content marketing this year globally; 59% of B2C marketers have also done the same.

Now that businesses are trying to develop their strategies accordingly, content marketing has not just become popular but also very competitive. Content now has become the backbone of marketing used to attract and retain profitable clientele.

Here are seven tools that will help you experience profit, success, and understanding in terms of content marketing:

1.    Research With BuzzSumo

This tool gives you a chance to discover what works specifically for you and how to elevate your content for ideal presentation. From finding creative and juicy content on a particular subject to finding target positions for your infographics, you can do everything with this tool.

In point of fact, you can help your content marketing ROI with BuzzSumo.

Where is it utilized

There have been various occurrences where entrepreneurs and website admins have utilized this tool. It is seen that the greater part of them use it either to discover influencers inside their industry or to discover authors who can contribute to their web journals.

Richard Moynihan, Social Media Editor at the Telegraph, and Jimi Smoot, a business person, use BuzzSumo to look for different influencers in their respective fields. Likewise, A.J. Ghergich of Ghergich and Co. employs BuzzSumo to find which type of content tops the chart and then later contacts bloggers and scholars to compose for his site.

2.    Organize With CoSchedule

You can deal with the content on your site or blog in a breeze with this publication logbook. With Co-Schedule, you would now be able to keep your content fresh and engaging. This management tool allows you to schedule, coordinate and manage online content, campaigns and promotions all from inside their WordPress dashboard, thereby strengthening your proximity with the masses and developing your readership.

On account of its incredible format, CoSchedule spreads out your planned posts easily. You can even view all your planned online posts in a single spot. Its intuitive component, simple planning of online posts, rescheduling of an old post (subsequent to checking from the dashboard how often it has been shared and from where it has received the most traffic) are different highlights that make your content marketing a lot simpler.

Some different highlights of CoSchedule are:

  • Manage Google Docs Content
  • Convert Google Docs and Evernote Content to WordPress
  • Manage Evernote Content
  • Several mixes to rearrange your content advertising undertakings

Where is it utilized

CoSchedule is an extremely useful publication timetable that allows you to keep track of your tasks. Website admins and webpage proprietors have guaranteed that the utilization of CoSchedule saw a significant development in readership.

3.    Optimize With Crazy Egg

Extremely simple and easy, Crazy Egg is an incredible website optimization tool that enables you to acquire a deeper understanding of the customer behavior on your website.

Crazy Egg offers scroll maps, overlay maps, heat maps, and confetti report, all of which together help you gain valuable insight into the performance of your content.

A heat map is a graphical representation of interaction and engagement by your visitors, which helps you get a clearer look of your customer traffic. Likewise, parchment maps give you an insight into the time spent by guests in specific areas of your page.

To get data about a specific area, you simply need to open the significant marker appended to it. Detailed information about each snap is given by the confetti report. Along these lines, you can classify clicks by nation, program, referrals, and gadgets used to check how your content is performing and make changes where required.

Where is it utilized

When inquired about its efficacy, it was found that many individuals utilize Crazy Egg to expand conversions, a couple of them employ it to improve their web composition while others use it for Local SEO.

4.    Increase Email Subscribers with Convert Pro

A wonderful lead generation tool, Convert Pro helps you collect email subscribers, thereby converting visitors into leads, subscribers, and customers.

This WordPress module enables you to make get-back-to activities that hold leaving guests, connect with inert clients, and divert them to another page so as to build your mailing rundown and increment conversions on your site.

With Convert Pro, you can:

  • Build a powerful email list
  • Share recordings
  • Drive traffic to your site/blog
  • Offer lead magnets
  • Share updates and offers that draw in guests
  • Capture more leads and lift ROI
  • Segment clients with multistep popups
  • A/B test call-to activities to follow the one that works best
  • Integrate with 30+ Email showcasing virtual products, CRMs and automated assistants
  • Get helpful bits of knowledge by incorporating Google Analytics to tweak your substance and lift guest commitment.
  • Convert Pro web video

Two things that urge us to make use of Convert Pro is its lightweight nature and the reasonable cost at which it is available. Figures demonstrate that Convert Pro is the quickest and the most lightweight module of its sort.

Where is it utilized

When you are going to take a stab at something, you would need to know how extraordinary it is, why does it matter, and whether it will be heavy on your pocket. Convert Pro by a wide margin has all the useful features including some incredible ones that you’ll only find in a lead age module. It is lightweight and therefore does not bloat your website. Furthermore, it gives you all this with world-class support at a value you can’t generally envision.

5.    Email Marketing through MailChimp

Email marketing is a key component of any business’s content promotion strategy. Used by thousands of marketing software startups, MailChimp is the first name that comes to mind when people think about email marketing.

You can utilize MailChimp to mechanize your messages and send them to various groups of audience.

This instrument lets you:

  • Create your own bulletin or influence one of its few exquisite layouts.
  • Target diverse groups of an audience by fragmenting your mailing list dependent on inclinations, conduct, and past deals.
  • Send out your pamphlet each time you update your blog on account of its RSS-to-email alternative.
  • Know how well your promoting efforts are doing by sending reports itemizing who is opening or sharing your bulletins on interpersonal organizations.

Where is it utilized

The normal open rate for emails is typically expected to float around 20%. In any case, with the utilization of MailChimp, it was seen that the email open rate multiplied in a split second.

6.    Schedule on Social Media with Buffer

For occupied entrepreneurs, dealing with their internet-based accounts and keeping them refreshed with new posts is pretty difficult. A powerful web application, Buffer saves you the hassle of composing and scheduling your social media posts manually. It creates an extraordinary setup via mechanizing the procedure.

With Buffer, you can:

  • Manage various Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Set up your very own refreshing timetable
  • Add/Change/Delete refreshes easily
  • Use Buffer with various programs, utilizing its numerous augmentations, applications, and additional items

Where is it utilized

When you consider advancing your business via web-based networking media, time, consistency, insights and investigation are among a couple of things that you need to assess too. Buffer is a successful instrument that has been helping various organizations like Offer Factor, spread crosswise over internet-based life.

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7.    Track Traffic With Google Analytics

Picking up knowledge about the content that your clients are connecting with the most – just as what works and what doesn’t – can help your content advertising methodology fundamentally.

With Google Analytics, you can:

  • Find out your most prominent website pages
  • Find out your most prominent/most shared blog entries
  • Spot the kind of content clients are searching for on your site (with the site look usefulness)
  • See the interactive page components your guests collaborate with the most by utilizing In-Page Analytics Reports inside the Google Analytics’ Behaviour area
  • Leverage UTM parameters to connect extra data that link the point to your site, consequently gathering detailed information about the snaps driving guests to your site
  • Determine the area of guests who make up the significant piece of your web traffic
  • Detect the online battles that bring the most traffic and conversions.

Where is it utilized

Google Analytics is a confided-in apparatus that can be utilized to track the execution of all your endeavors.

Organizations like Panasonic have utilized Google Analytics to improve the Return on Investment (ROI) acquired through their advanced advertising efforts. While following the execution and imparting it to different media apparatuses, they figured out how to expand ROI by 30%.

Content Marketing is quite a necessity in today’s time and age, and therefore it is extremely important to know the tools that work around it.

7 Content Marketing Tools That Help You Attract More Customers